CSE 499

CSE 499

Course Code: CSE 499
Course Name: Final Year Project/Internship
Prerequisite: All Core CSE Courses
Credit Hours: 4.00

Detailed Syllabus:
Final Year Project/Internship is a subject that must be completed by final year student as a requirement to receive a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Computer Science and Engineering. In this subject the student will be given one semester to work on a task that is related to their field of interest. Students are expected to do their work independently most of the time. But their progress will be monitored closely by their supervisors. At the end of the project/internship, students should document their work in a thesis which must be hard bounded and submitted to the department. Students are also required to submit a soft copy of their thesis to the department.

Important Documents:

Detailed Syllabus
Internship Report Outline
Research Project Report Outline
Supervisor Evaluation form
Examiners Evaluation form

Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

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