Proctor’s Office

Proctor’s Office

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Wazir-Ahmad“Welcome to the Proctor’s Office. The Proctor’s Office is the first contact point to start disciplinary proceedings. Our role is to maintain harmony within the ULAB family. If you have any issues regarding personal safety and non-academic disputes we are here to help you. We also take care of unauthorized access to the university premises, safeguard of the assets and compliance of the ULAB Code of Conduct.”
Wazir A F Ahmed

Mission Statement of Proctor’s Office:

An environment of peace and civility is a pre-condition to the pursuit of higher learning in a university; Proctor’s Office of ULAB is determined to maintain the environment free from indiscipline, disorder and violence.

The Proctor’s role is to ensure the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the university.

Specific areas:

  • To take necessary steps to ensure the personal safety of students, teachers or employees of the university;
  • To maintain and safeguard the assets of the university;
  • To assist in solving non-academic disputes among the students with other students, faculty or admin;
  • To control unauthorized access to the university premises; and
  • To ensure that the ULAB Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are properly followed.

The Proctor’s Office is the first contact point to start disciplinary proceedings. It assesses and investigates complaints, and takes necessary steps, from counseling or issuing an official warning to referral to the Disciplinary Committee, depending on the gravity of the offenses and as per the advice of the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Proctor’s Office will refer any complaints of Sexual Harassment to the Sexual Harassment Committee, who will then investigate and make recommendations to the Disciplinary Committee. It will inform the Students’ Affairs Office about all proceedings involving students.

Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee

The role of the Sexual Harassment Committee is to investigate complaints of sexual harassment / assault on, or in some cases off, the university campus. More specifically;

  • To receive complaints of sexual harassment / assault.
  • To perform an investigation based on supportive evidence and interviews.
  • To recommend possible actions to the Disciplinary Committee.

Download the ULAB Sexual Harassment Policy here.


Wazir A F Ahmed
Asst Professor and Director, BBA Program
Room: A 502/b (Ext: 543)
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +8801718741133

Assistant Proctors
Dr. Abul Kalam Al Azad
Assisant Professor,
Computer Science & Engineering
Room: B 605 (Ext: B 605)
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Mehdi Rajeb
Senior Lecturer, School of Business
Room: A 506 (Ext: A 510)
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Arzoo Ismail
Lecturer, School of Business
Room: B 606 (Ext: B 607)
Email: [email protected]

Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee

Dr. Pinki Shah (Chairperson)
Associate Professor, School of Business
Room: Campus A 506
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Golam Sarwar Chowdhury (Member)
Professor, English and Humanities
Room: Campus A 507
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Shahnaj Husne Jahan (Member)
Professor, General Education Department
Room: Campus A 501/a
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Shahnaz Huda (Advisor)
Professor, Law Department
University of Dhaka

Dr. Sumaiya Khair (Advisor)
Professor, Law Department
University of Dhaka


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