Club Orientation Day Fall 2017


ULAB Co-Curricular Office organized Club Orientation Day Fall 2017 on 30.11.2017 to welcome freshers along with existing students to be introduced with all the clubs and their activities at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. The program was held at Campus-A Auditorium from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm where opening segment included presentations regarding Orientation Guideline for new members. Welcome speech by Advisor of Co-Curricular Activities, Dr. Pinki Shah was given afterwards. The program also included Active member and Best Active Member Award distribution, video presentation of clubs, introduction to ULAB Model United Nation Association, cultural programs, prize distribution of slow cycling competition and Indoor cricket competition. Advisors from different clubs were present during the program to inspire students with their kind words about club activities at ULAB. The program concluded with Vote of thanks by Dr. Pinki Shah.

Fragmented Memory, Incomplete History: Women and Nation in the War Films of Bangladesh

The Department of English and Humanities invited Dr. Fahmida Akhter, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Drama and Dramatics at Jahangirnagar University, to give a talk titled “Fragmented Memory, Incomplete History: Women and Nation in the War Films of Bangladesh.” The talk was held in the Campus B Seminar Room on November 30, 2017 at 11.oo am. The talk was attended by Dr. Kaiser Haq of DEH, Dr. Din Mohammad Sumon Rahman of MSJ, Dr. Somdatta Mondal of Bishwabharati University, Kolkata, with other faculty and students of various departments as well as faculty from other universities.

The talk focused on the most important and celebrated chapter in the history of Bangladesh is its nine-month long Liberation War (Muktijuddho in Bengali) of 1971. Dr. Akhtar’s research explores the ways in which memories and histories of the war are shaped by the gender dynamics of nationalism in different periods through examining war-themed films of Bangladesh. By covering both mainstream and alternative war films produced just before, during and after the war, from 1970 to 2011, Dr. Akhtar traces the various ways in which men and women are represented in war films and construct the idea of nation. She also unpacks the politics and aesthetics of war films, contextualizing them as they intersect with the socio-historical contexts. Employing textual and visual analyses with using solid theoretical scholarship, both from the East and the West, concerning cinematic representation of the past, women and nation, she argues that the different power structures of men and women constructed in war films are in accordance with the dominant ideology of the society. The Liberation War was a people’s war, involving manifold participation of both men and women from different classes, religions and localities. Despite this reality, cinematic representations of the War have always portrayed the combat experience as an exclusively masculine enterprise. By contrast, women have been constructed in the films as passive victims or in subordinate roles. Woman is valorized in one instance, in her idealized portrayal as the ‘mother-nation’; this iconic projection of woman, however, highlights men’s heroic defence of their motherland. On the other hand, female rape victims in the war are framed as shame or dishonour for the nation and are offered a customary exclusion by suicide, death or occasionally by some other means at the end of the war films. Dr. Akhtar has argued that war films exclude the raped women from the narratives in order to maintain a perceived purity of the nationalist discourse, following the national politics, culture and historiography of Bangladesh.

The talk was followed by a lively question-answer and discussion session between members of the audience and the speaker.


ULAB Career Services Office (CSO) and USB MBA Program jointly organized a workshop on “Preparation for Competitive Bank Job Exam”

ULAB Career Services Office (CSO) and USB MBA Program jointly organized a workshop on “Preparation for Competitive Bank Job Exam” held at the Auditorium, Campus A on Friday, 24 November 2017 in association with Mentors. The program was designed focusing on information an applicant needs to know to prepare himself for Bank Job exam, what to do, and what knowledge, skills and techniques is necessary.

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The workshop started with a mock Bank Job Exam assessment test, to asses he level of expertise of the participants. In his speech Mr. Md. Shah Naoaj, Deputy Director, Banking Regulation & Policy Department, Bangladesh Bank highlighted the importance of staying updated on current Job market scenario and the specifics required for the financial sector. The next speaker Mr. Mir Md. Moyazzem Hosen, Deputy Director, Banking Regulation & Policy Department, Bangladesh Bank advised to emphasize on more practices of the previous Bank Job Exam questions and talked about the importance of learning analytical math, English vocabulary and keeping updated about current affairs.

After the speaking session, the event went ahead through an interactive Q/A session. Students from BBA and MBA departments participated the workshop.

Club Day Fall 2017


ULAB Co-Curricular Office organized Club Day Fall 2017 on 23 November 2017, to celebrate club activities amidst much festivity with enthusiastic club members. Club day fall 2017 was a day – long event consists of indoor cricket tournament, slow cycling competition and Indoor games. In addition to that, showcasing of different club activities, workshops, food stalls, products & souvenirs stalls and Graffiti art were also part of the event.

Stage and cultural performance started with Bangladesh National Anthem which was followed by speeches from Advisor of Co-curricular activities, Dr. Pinki Shah and Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. H M Jahirul Haque. Through club day celebration the students had an opportunity to show their innovative team work and talent. Active club leaders speaking session, introduction and brief summary of Model UN, cultural activities and concert were also the key attractions of the program.

ULAB participated at IUB Inter Private University Table Tennis Tournament 2017

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) participated at IUB Inter Private University Table Tennis Tournament 2017 which has hosted at IUB Campus from 16.11.2017 to 18.11.2017. 5 players from ULAB participated as representatives in both Singles & Doubles competition where they went on to reach the quarter finals. The tournament was a good platform for students to demonstrate their table tennis playing capabilities and represent their respective universities. The tournament had 15 universities participating altogether. Assistant Co-Curricular Saad Mohammad Kamal acted as the team manager for ULAB in the tournament.

MSJ 11607

Course Code: MSJ 11607
Course Name: Seminar in Filmmaking
Credit Hours: 3.00

Detailed Syllabus:

This course is designed to give the students an introduction to the filmmaking process. Hence, on this filmmaking course, with our Film making seminar classes students will receive a comprehensive introduction to the technical aspects of film equipment and processes. It is expected that hints, tips and practical applications of the key physical and aesthetical aspects of filmmaking will equip the students with confidence and knowledge. It will help them to be a problem solver in the film making process. Also students will learn the techniques to lead a team.

MSJ 11533

Course Code: MSJ 11533
Course Name: Issues and Crisis Management
Credit Hours: 3.00

Detailed Syllabus:

Strategic issues and crisis management is one of the key areas of public relations research and practice. It relates directly to crisis management, issues management, reputation management, image restoration and change management. It refers directly to the operation of management and the whole operation of modern organizations. In this course, students will investigate the theory and practice of issues and crisis management. Student will be required to monitor an issue and/or crisis to prepare and appropriate communication plan.

MSJ 11512

Course Code: MSJ 11512
Course Name: Strategic Communication
Credit Hours: 3.00

Detailed Syllabus:

Strategic communication is defined as the systematic planning and realization of information flow, media development and image management in the long term. It provides the critical link between stakeholders and organizations. The course investigates what works, what doesn’t and why vis-a-vis strategic communication. Students will analyze cases and appreciate the importance of communication appropriate in reaching an organization’s long term goals.