CSE 410

CSE 410

Course Code: CSE 410
Course Name: Artificial Intelligence
Prerequisite: CSE 103, CSE 201,, CSE 207
Credit Hours: 3.00
Detailed Syllabus:
Overview of Al, general concepts of knowledge, LISP and other Al programming languages.

Knowledge representation: Intelligent Agents: Agents that reason logically, Inference in First order Formalized symbolic logic, inconsistencies and uncertainties, probabilistic reasoning, structured knowledge, object oriented representation;

Knowledge organization and manipulation: search strategics and game planning, matching techniques, knowledge organization and management;

Introduction to selected topics in A!: Natural language processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, expert system, artificial neural networks, robotics..

Knowledge Acquisition: General concept, learning and automata, genetic algorithms, induction, analogical and explanation based learning.

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