SAT 206

SAT 206

Course Code: SAT 206
Course Title: Statistics and Probability
Prerequisite: None
Credit Hours: 3.00
Detailed Syllabus:

Introduction to Statistics: what is statistics, statistical data, statistical methods, scope and limitation of statistics, Populations and Samples, collection and presentation of data, Grouped Data and Histograms, Some Graphical Methods: bar charts, time plots, Pie charts, scatter plots, box and Whisker plots, Measure of Central Tendency: mean , median and mode, Measure of Variations, Measure of Skewness, Moments and Kurtosis, difference between Variation and Skewness, Correlation and Regression Analysis: significance of the study of correlation, types of correlation, difference between correlation and regression Analysis, Sampling and Sampling Distributions, Survey Sampling Methods.

Probability: meaning of probability, classical definition of probability, statistical probability, some theorems in probability, distribution function, probability distributions:
Binomial, normal and exponential distributions.

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