Classical Music Program

Classical Music Program



ULAB Shangskriti Shangsad organized a Classical Music Program on 4 th December 2016. The event took place at the

Campus-A auditorium from 4pm. The participants brought out the essence of classical music, which has a very rich

history and heritage in Bangladesh as well as other South Asian countries, through their astounding performances.

The ragas performed were Yaman, Brindaboni, Sarang, Bhimpalagvee, Kalasree, Desh, Surdas, Mathar, Bhupali,

Asabari, Bhairabi, Miaki, Malhar, Hangsadhoni. There were two chorus songs and twelve solo performances. The

performers presented Khayal, Tarana, Dadra and a flute instrumental. Their performances was accompanied by

the mesmerizing Tabla playing of Pandit Dilip Kumar Chakrabarty ,Dr. Mintu Khrishna Paul, Music teacher of ULAB,

who was on harmonium and by Asok Kumar Sarkar who played Esraj.

The chief guest of the event was MS. Ameenah Ahmed, Member, Board of Trustees, University of Liberal Arts

Bangladesh, Director, Gemcon Group who really appreciated the effort as well the performances by the

participants. Other key persons present were the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor Imran Rahman, Mr.

Shajedul Alam, Adviser of ULAB Shangskriti Shangsad and Senior Lecturer, ULAB School of Business.

Md Rafsun A Jan

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