2nd Workshop on Speaking in Mandarin Chinese

2nd Workshop on Speaking in Mandarin Chinese




The ULAB Language Club organized a very entertaining workshop on “Speaking in Mandarin Chinese”. This was the second workshop which showcased the very basic expressions in Chinese, sentences and numerical numbers in Mandarin necessary for anyone travelling to China

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Tanzia Siddiqua, Lecturer, DEH, ULAB, who delivered a welcome speech, and provided small chits written in Chinese, to the participants. She ran the entire workshop speaking in Chinese by illustrating the meaning behind the words using body languages and facial expressions which really clicked as it made the participants more inquisitive.

The Participants were very energetic and inquiring in learning the language, as the Conductor, Ms. Siddiqua made the workshop very different and appealing by the convention of using an assortment of training techniques. The 2nd workshop concluded after a short practice of the materials. Dr. Pinki Shah, Coordinator of ULAB Co-Curricular office, Associate Professor, ULAB School of Business, delivered the final closing speech. The workshop took place at Room-402 of Campus A. Other key persons present were Juditha Ohlmacher, Advisor, Communications and Student Affairs and Mr. Shawkat Kamal, Associate Professor, ULAB School of Business, who actively took part in the workshop.

Md Rafsun A Jan

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