How to Approach a Character

How to Approach a Character


ULAB Theatre Club organized a workshop titled ‘How to Approach a Character’ which was held on April 10, 2017.The main purpose of this workshop was to show the methods of building or developing a character.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Naila Azad.”Acting is living truthfully in an imaginary world and an actor must have intelligence beside the 3 t’s (talent, technique, tenacity) also added that acting should be done by all the parts of the body (hair to nail) not by the face only ” – Naila Azad.

The workshop was interactive as she engaged the students with a Theatre game which was divided into two groups. Theatre game deals with concentration power, vocal, eye contact, observation, decreasing shyness. The students became very enthusiastic by this Theatre game.

Muntasir Mamun, Assistant Professor of DEH, ULAB ended the workshop by handing over the crest and the gift pack to Naila Azad.

Saad Mohammad Kamal

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