Schedule of Shuttle (Bus) Services

Schedule of Shuttle (Bus) Services

Schedule of Shuttle (Bus) Services

The Schedule of Shuttle (Bus) Services for you to go to Permanent Campus (PC) for attending classes and return is mentioned below:

Day  Campus – A to PC  PC to Campus – A
Friday 8.50 am 12.40 pm
Sunday – Wednesday 7.45 am 8.15 am
9.00 am 10.00 am
10.40 am 11.30 am
12.15 pm 1.00 pm
1.15 pm 2.40 pm
3.15 pm 4.15 pm
5.00 pm 5.45 pm
Day Campus – B to PC PC to Campus – B
Thursday 9.15 am 12.15 pm
10.30 am 2.15 pm
1.15 pm 4.30 pm


If you have classes in the PC and want to avail the shuttle service, please check your class timings with the schedule.

Please note, the shuttle service is primarily for the students attending classes in the PC.


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Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

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