MSJ students complete study tour in Internship

MSJ students complete study tour in Internship

MSJ students pose for a photograph with head of the department Dr Jude William Genilo after the final presentation.


A group of students of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) department at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh has recently completed a study tour in Indonesia. The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta, invited the ULAB students for the two-week study tour and internship, which ended on October 6.

As part of the study tour, the 16-member team visited some big media houses, for instance, MNC Corporation, the biggest media corporation of Indonesia; Kompass TV, Metro TV, CNN Indonesia; Web TV Asia; the Jakarta Post, and BliBli, the biggest Indonesian online shop. Also, they attended some workshops and seminars on intercultural dialogue, writing on reporting for broadcast, investigation reporting, media convergence, creative writing, content creation, PR for digital and social activism, film and TV production, and print media production and management.

Towards the end of the study tour, the participants made vlogs (a video blog). And dividing into different groups — two people each, they presented their works. The students highlighted the culture, food, shopping and local lifestyle. In the vlog presentation, Miss Candy and Reza Plahvi — two prominent Indonesian vloggers — were present as the judge. Dr Jude William Genilo, head of MSJ, was also present during the presentation.

The judges selected the best three groups. However, all the participants were given certificates. Nandita Tabassum, senior lecturer of MSJ, was there with the students throughout the study tour. This is to be mentioned that the students will begin the second phase of their internship in November. They will now be required to do internship with one of MSJ apprenticeship programmes.

Mohammad Shazzad Hossain
Assistant Professor
School of Social Science (SSS)

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