ULAB Media Club organized an event- Screening and Discussion of an Award-winning Movie- “Live from Dhaka”

ULAB Media Club organized an event- Screening and Discussion of an Award-winning Movie- “Live from Dhaka”

ULAB Media Club organized an event for screening and discussion of an award-winning movie- “Live from Dhaka”, Grasped the screens of the Campus A auditorium of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) on 22nd June 2019.

This event took five hours. The five-hour event enveloped two screenings and an open discussion among the cast and team and the audience. “Live from Dhaka” is directed by Abdullah Mohammad Saad. This is a 1-hour 31-minute movie which has won accreditation both domestic and overseas. This movie originally released in March 2019, this low budget movie was shot without any professional equipment’s, and still gathered award just like the Silver Screen Best Director and the Best Performing artist at the Singapore International Film Festival 2016 and was also screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017. “We did not have much,” said by Monwar, “We shot in natural lighting and kept the budget minimal that’s one reason why the movie is dark and white, however, the dark and white plot is also a visual translation of how Abdullah Mohammad Saad personally viewed Dhaka,” he assist included while clarifying grey scale of the movie.

The event was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of young filmmakers and artists in the making along with faculties of ULAB and the lead actor of the file, Mustafa Monwar, along with the technical crew of “Live from Dhaka” as the chief guest. The event gathered much consideration and positive comments from the participants and effectively ingraining the thought that one does not really require a lump whole of money or equipment to pull off as amazing movie since where there’s a will there’s definitely a way.

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