ULAB Literary Society Club hosted a workshop on ‘German Language’

ULAB Literary Society Club hosted a workshop on ‘German Language’

Paper Canoe – ULAB Literary Society organized a workshop on German Language on 4th July 2019 at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. The workshop was attended by more than 20 enthusiastic students from different departments of ULAB. Lecturer Anika Shah, the advisor of ULAB Literary Society, was also there.


One of the students of the Department of English and Humanities, Afsana Rahman, conducted the workshop on German Language and the stereotypes this language and its culture have been facing throughout history. She started the workshop by showing the students how the German alphabet looks and how the letters are pronounced. Later, she showed the attendees the common myths and misconceptions the rest of the world has about the German people and their culture. Students also conveyed how they feel about this particular culture and from which sources they came across these notions and/or misconceptions. The light-hearted tone of the workshop suggested that the stereotypes surrounding German language to be devoid of any sense of humor is probably a misconception after all. The later part of the highly interactive workshop included feedback from a number of participants. The demand that was raised by most was to conduct more sessions on different languages, especially on German.

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