Decolonising Pedagogy: A Practical Course (Workshop by Dr. Ahmar Mahboob at DEH)

Decolonising Pedagogy: A Practical Course (Workshop by Dr. Ahmar Mahboob at DEH)

The Department of English and Humanities at ULAB organized a workshop entitled “Decolonising Pedagogy: A Practical Course” led by Dr. Ahmar Mahboob, Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney, and Monaliza H. Mamac, Research Associate and Program Manager, Free Linguistics Conference. The workshop, attended by an audience comprising faculty members and students from ULAB and other institutions, was held in Room A601 on February 5, 2020.

During the workshop, Dr. Mahboob spoke about how the British colonizers have rewritten history and established an education system that continues to prevail in today’s world and classrooms. This history is one of violence that helps to justify the colonizer’s own acts of violence against the indigenous people. Dr. Mahboob explained how the three concepts of religion, language, and family have been used by the British to divide and rule the Indian subcontinent.

Dr. Mahboob’s theoretical explanations were followed by the workshop conducted by Monaliza Mamac.

Some glimpses of the workshop:

Arifa Ghani Rahman
Associate Professor
School of Arts and Humanities (SAH)

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