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  • [email protected]
  • University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
    Permanent Campus
  • M.A. in Mathematical Statistics, Ball State University, USA

    M.S. in Statistics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

    B.Sc. in Statistics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Areas of Interest
Generalized Linear Models, Time series and econometrics, Statistical application in business, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Mehdi Rajeb

Assistant Professor


He has been an Assistant Professor at ULAB School of Business for more than seven years and has engaged himself not only in the academic area but also in research, administration and extracurricular activities. Besides his teaching career, he has worked as a consultant with the World Bank, and the USDA, amongst other places. He has presented and published several research articles nationally and internationally. His research interests include statistical application to social and business phenomena, Econometrics, Time series analysis and Forecasting and Actuarial science.


Research & Awards

Recent Projects:
Research Consultant at MFSII Evaluation Project, Bath University/ Dutch Funding Agency: Dutch aid funds 65 projects across Bangladesh with both international and national NGO partners that received MFSII support through 8 consortia. A team led by staff from the University of Bath (UK), INTRAC (UK) and the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) worked to examine the contribution that Dutch Aid funding has to these NGOs achieving their goals on the Efforts to Strengthen Civil Society component.
Research consultant at Bangladesh Dairy Enhancement Program: Bangladesh Dairy Enhancement Program, a 3-year long project is being financed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sponsored ‘Food for Progress’ project in Khulna and Rajshahi divisions of Bangladesh and implemented by Land O’Lakes International Development (LOL). Survey and evaluation is implement by Innovision consulting Pvt. Ltd.


  • Vice-Chancellor Award for Social and Community Engagement at ULAB (2014)

  • Awarded as one of the most recognized graduate students at Ball State University for the year 2011-12.

  • Awarded as Outstanding Graduate Assistant in the department of mathematical sciences, Ball state university, Indiana, USA.

  • Awarded Graduate Assistantship for two-year Master’s program in Mathematical Statistics at Ball State university, Indiana, USA.




Journal Articles

Rajeb M. & Sabet D.M. (2016). Entrepreneurial Satisfaction with HR Performance: What really matters to Entrepreneurs?. Journal of Knowledge Globalization. 9(1). 41-59.

Andaleeb S.S., Gulshan S., Rajeb M., Rahman A. & Nasrin A. (2013). Public Perceptions of Television News in Bangladesh: A Benchmark Study. Journal of Bangladesh Studies. 15(1). 35-49. 

Rajeb M. & Hossain M. M. (2012). Toward Bracketing the Seasonal Export-Import of Bangladesh: A Time Series Analytical Approach. Terengganu Internationl Finance and Economics Journal.2(1). 103-117.

Rajeb M. Hossain M. M. & Chokrobarty L. (2012). Gross Value Added of Agriculture Sector in Bangladesh:  An Econometric Investigation. Terenganu International Finance and Economics Journal. 2(1). 56-66.

Andaleeb S. S. Rahman A. Rajeb M. Gulshan S & Nasrin A. (2011). Credibility of TV News in a Developing Country: The Case of Bangladesh.Journal of Mass Communication Quarterly. 89(1). 73-90. Doi :10.1177/1077699011430060.

Shitan M., Hossain M. M., & Rajeb M. (2011). A Re-Analysis of Time Series Modeling of Bangladesh Export Values. International Journal of Statistical Sciences, University of Rajshahi, 12. 79-88.

Rahman A. Akter M. Nasrin A. Gulshan S & Rajeb M. (2010). Credibility of TV news in Bangladesh: A Theoretical Framework. Communica, Journal of communication and media.

Sabet D. M.  Ishtiaque A. S.  Rajeb M. & Tazreen A. (2015). Overcoming Business Challenges In Bangladesh: Findings from a survey of Firms in the Real Estate, IT and Furniture Industries. Center for Enterprise and Society, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Conference Proceedings

Recent Conferences:
Rajeb M. & Sabet D. M (2015). “Entrepreneurial Satisfaction with HR performance in Bangladesh: What Really Matters to Entrepreneurs?” presented at Twelfth Knowledge Globalization conference held at O. P. Jindal Global University, India. (13-14 August 2015).

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