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  • +880-2-966-1255, +880-2-966-1301, +880-2-966-5686
  • University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh House 56, Road 4/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
  • BBA: IBA, University of Dhaka, 1999

    MBA: IBA, University of Dhaka, 2002

    Graduate Diploma (1 year) in International Development, under academic direction of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of London, 2011.

Areas of Interest
Business Communication, Career Planning, Organisational Behaviour, Management, Financial Institutions, Skills Development for Career,Marketing.

Rumana Liza Anam

Assistant Professor


Ms. Rumana Anam is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business. 

She started off her career working in the Internal Control Unit of the global bank, Citibank NA, right after completing her BBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration  (IBA), University of Dhaka. 

In 2003, after finishing her MBA at IBA, she joined BRAC University’s business department and since then, has been involved in the education sector. 

Apart from teaching core business courses such as Business Communication, she has conducted workshops for faculty and worked as a Consultant for the Career Services Office at ULAB. She has also served as the Advisor of the Communications Office at ULAB between 2018-2019. 

She specialises in designing and conducting courses and workshops that help students develop their emotional intelligence, communication skills, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills, all of which are vital for success in future careers. She is interested in the career development of women and environmental causes and has publications in these areas.

Research & Awards

Work Experience:

Assistant Professor , ULAB School of Business.  May 2017 – Present

Develop and deliver modern and culturally relevant lectures, encouraging widespread participation and lively debate and discussions among students in class and through assignments. Aim is to not only develop theoretical and practical knowledge of the specific subject being taught but also to broaden students' perspectives, be open minded and develop their problem solving analytical and critical thinking skills. 

Work and skills involved include:

  • Teaching courses offered to MBA, EMBA, BBA students and to those from other disciplinary backgrounds too. Courses taught include Business Communication, Introduction to Business, International Business, Organisational Behaviour, Management and Career Planning. Work requires staying updated on innovations and changes in the business world affecting business curricula.
  • Using Moodle, a Learning Management System, to teach in the classroom and beyond.
  • Conducting workshops on developing soft skills most demanded by employers in students as a resource person in the  Skills for Career Programme.
  • Counselling and mentoring students on academic and personal issues.
  • Teamwork as have to collaborate with colleagues on course curriculum. Last but not least, Serving on various university and department committees (eg. Venue Decoration and Publicity Committee for Convocation 2019) that involve coordination, budgeting, writing, editing, etc.

Advisor, ULAB Communications Office.  November 2017 – January 2019

Headed the Communications Office of the University (which consists of 6 members) and its activities that include print media, social network communications, event management and marketing. This was done partially by ensuring better usage of digital marketing techniques. Helped spread awareness of ULAB’s mission, values, goals, principles, education, and facilities. Branded ULAB as a site of quality education and facilities. Worked as Member Secretary of the Media and Venue Decoration Committee and had a key role in organising the biggest convocation till date (February 2019). Redesigned and updated the current Prospectus of ULAB. 

Adjunct Faculty, ULAB School of Business.  2011 and again between 2015-2017

Taught various Business courses to students, including Business Communication, Introduction to Business, Career Planning, etc. 

Consultant, ULAB Career Services Office. 2011 – 2016 

Between 2011 to 2016, worked as a consultant for the Career Services Office on several projects, all aiming to maximise job hunt and career success. Designed a much improved workshop "Skills for Career", and successfully conducted it every term from 2014 to 2016 and in Summer, 2019.  The workshop helped students develop soft skills demanded by employers like communication, networking, teamwork, leadership abilities, etc and enhanced résumé writing and interviewing skills.

Part Time Faculty: State University.  2007- 2008,

Taught various Business courses to students, including Financial Institutions, HR Planning, etc. 

Lecturer, BRAC University,  2003 – 2006

Among the first hires at the university who witnessed exciting ideas and strategies come to fruition and the success of the very first batch of students who are in various senior management positions worldwide. Achievements here were developing and teaching Bangladeshi business cases, forming the Case Development Committee and training faculty on case study development. Was also one of the faculty members who took part in the very first off campus programme (residential semester at TARC).

Management Associate, Citibank North America 2000 – 2001

Managed the Internal Control Unit of the Bank which meant conducting periodic reviews and risk assessments of the work of all staff at all levels, ultimately leading to safeguarding of the bank's assets and compliance with Bangladesh Bank and Citigroup policies. Wrote guidance/training manuals for future hires. Successfully handled the Process Risk Review Audit from regional headquarters. Coordinated the bank's corporate social responsibility program with Shakti Foundation, an organisation for disadvantaged women.

Current Projects:

  • Writing Case Studies on management issues.
  • Analysis of factors contributing towards Bangladeshi students’ choice of University for Undergraduate Studies.

Technical Skills:

  • LMS:  Google Classroom, Moodle, Zoom.
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 2010, Windows 8, Windows 10 Pro.
  • Applications: MS Office Suite 2013/2010/2007 including Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
  • Digital Marketing on Facebook.



Journal Articles

Alam, J.A, Ahmed, H.L and Anam, R.L. (2010). Factors Affecting Glass Ceiling Situation of Women Working. Journal of Business Administration Journal (University of Dhaka), Vol. 36, No. 1 & 2.

Anam, R. L (2008).  Inadequacies and Variations in Maternity Leave Policies throughout the World - Special Focus- Bangladesh. BRAC University Journal. 

Anam, R. L (2004) Book Review - Secrets of the Corporate Jungle. BRAC University Journal. 

Anam, R.L (2020). Heard it Through the Grapevine, The Case Journal, ISSN 1544-9106 (a SCOPUS indexed journal under Emerald Publishing Group)

Anam, R. L (2019). Factors Affecting Bangladeshi Private University Students’ Choice of Institutions for Undergraduate Study 2019 Asian Journal of University Education (AJUE)127-137.  (Scopus Indexed Journal)

Anam, R. L. (2019). Maternal and Paternal Leave Policies in Bangladesh: Scope for Improvement. Journal of Bangladesh Studies, 20(1), 74-79.


Anam, R. L. (2004). Management Cases – A Bangladesh Experience. CBDS and SEDF Waterside Group (pp 43-46).

Newspaper & Magazines

Anam, R, L. (2011, December, Vol. 5: Issue 12). The Durban Conference: Understanding Global Warming, KYOTO and its impact on Bangladesh. Forum Magazine a monthly publication of The Daily Star (27-31).

Anam, R. L., Time management and multitasking in the new normal, The Business Standard, July 30, 2020

Anam, R. L., & Rahman, I. (2018). Soft Skills - The Key to a Successful Career.
Bangladesh Is Building Bangladesh - Destination Bangladesh - Gateway to Growth  and Investment (pp. 96-98). Dhaka: Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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