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  • B.Sc. in EEE from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

    B.Sc. in EEE from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) (Ongoing).

Areas of Interest
Photonics, Plasmonics, Optoelectronics, Laser and non linear optics, Biosensing, Metamaterials

Mohammad Muntasir Hassan



Mohammad Muntasir Hassan has been teaching as a Lecturer at the Dept. of EEE, ULAB since 2019 and. He is also the Advisor of ULAB Electronics and Robotics Club. He got his B.Sc. in EEE from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2019. He is pursuing his M.Sc. in EEE from the same Institution. He served as the Conference Secretary of IEEE Conference on Power, Electrical, Electronics and Industry Applications (PEEIACON) 2019. He was served as the academic coordinator at Bangladesh Physics Olympiad Committee from 2015 to 2017.

He was also in leading position of different extra-curricular clubs in BUET. He served as the Chair of ‘IEEE IAS BUET Student Branch’ which works to familiarize the students with industry related jobs like robotics, automation and so on.

He also participated in ‘University Physics Competition’ and secured Bronze medal. He has also published a book on science named ‘Alo’ for secondary level students.

Research & Awards

List of research projects and professional awards:

  • Photon Management Using Vertically Aligned Quasi-periodic 3D Photonic Crystal.
  • Designing and implementing a modified MIPS processor in Cadence IUS and create the gate level structure followed by physical design.
  • Building a portable wearable wireless three channel ECG device.
  • Deep Learning Based Visual Speech Recognition for the Hearing Impaired.
  • EEG Signal based Cognitive System for Controlling Digital Sytems and Voice Command.
  • Iris Recognition system based on neural network.
  • Line follower robot using analog circuits without micro controller.
  • Image to Braille captioning using deep neural network.
  • Sun tracking solar panel system.
  • Bronze Medal in University Physics Competition 2018.
  • Champion, Hackathon IEEE R-10 Humanitarian Technology Conference, 2017.
  • Champion in Inter University Poster Presentation organized by department of EEE BUET in 2017.
  • First Runner Up in Bangladesh Physics Olympiad National Round in 2012.
  • Runner Up in Essay competition organized by UNFPA.
  • Champion in Hacathon in Region 10 International Humanitarian Technology Conference 2017.


Journal Articles

Sameia Zaman, M. M. Hassan, M. Hasanuzzaman, and Md Zunaid Baten, "Coscinodiscus diatom inspired bilayered photonic structures with near-perfect absorptance accompanied by tunable absorption characteristics," Opt. Express 28, 25007-25021 (2020)

Conference Proceedings

M. M. Hassan, M. H. Murad, T. Fouzder, S. Zaman and M. Z. Baten, "Absorption Enhancement of GaAs Slab with Geometrically Varying Periodic Array of SiO2 Nanostructures," 2019 IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications and Photonics (ICTP), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2019, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/ICTP4

M. M. Hassan, H. U. Sami and F. Islam, "EEG Signal Based Cognitive System for Controlling Home Appliances and Generating Speech Command," 2019 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP), Kolkata, India, 2019, pp. 519-522, doi: 10.1109/TENSYMP46218.2019.8971328.

S. Zaman, M. A. Abrar, M. M. Hassan and A. N. M. N. Islam, "A Recurrent Neural Network Approach to Image Captioning in Braille for Blind-Deaf People," 2019 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Information, Communication & Systems (SPICSCON), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2019, pp. 49-53, doi: 10

M. A. Abrar, A. N. M. N. Islam, M. M. Hassan, M. T. Islam, C. Shahnaz and S. A. Fattah, "Deep Lip Reading-A Deep Learning Based Lip-Reading Software for the Hearing Impaired," 2019 IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC)(47129), Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 2019, pp. 40-44, doi: 10.110

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