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  • +88-02-966-1255, Ext- 546
  • [email protected]
  • University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh Campus - A, Room - A511 House 56, Road 4/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
  • PhD Southampton University , UK

    MSc. in Physics  Dhaka University, Bangladesh

    B.Sc. Hons in Physics Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Areas of Interest

Solid state physics, Solar photo-voltaics and other energies for sustainable development
Interdisciplinary science literacy, History, methods and philosophy of science
Evolutionary Psychology

Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim, PhD



Taught and conducted research in Dhaka University Physics Department from 1967, and retired as Professor in 2012.
Researcher for a year in Upsala University , Sweden
As Associate Scientist, researched in International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, for 2 months every year for 10 years ( 1984-1994)
Chairman Physics Department, Dhaka University
Director, Renewable Energy Research Centre, Dhaka University
Taught at BRAC University , 2012-2014 in courses on Renewable Energy, History of Science, Technology and Development
Secretary, Bangladesh Physical Society
Chairman, Bangladesh Solar Energy Society

Research & Awards

Past Projects:
Thin film insulator and semiconductors
Schottky barrier diodes as soar cells
Solar Energy applications
Rural electrification through solar energy in Bangladesh
Sustainable Development in renewable energy.
Current projects:
Evolutionary Psychology
Landscape ecology
Life and science in Prehistory
24 research papers in science journals
50 books in professional and popular science
Professional Awards:
Bangla Academy Literature Award , 2008, for science literature
Prix- Caritas Award , Switzerland,2009
Meher Kabir Award for Science Literature, Bangla Academy, 2007
Qudrat e Khuda Gold Medal for popularization of science
International Fellow:
Ashoka Foundation , Washington, DC
Schwab Foundation, World Economic Forum, Geneva
World entrepreneurship Forum, Emlyon Business School, France.

Research Experience in Physics

Published 24 research papers in international and national Science Research Journals.

  • Experimental research on thin film insulators and semiconductors. Solid State Physics Laboratory, Dhaka University (1973-2010).
  • Research on Schottky barrier diodes and solar cells in Electronics Department, Uppsala University, Sweden for about a year (1977-78).
  • Laboratory and field level research on Solar Energy photovoltaic devices and systems. Dhaka University and ICTP. Trieste, Italy (1980-2010).
  • Inter-departmental research administration in the University, and participation in Energy Planning bodies of the Government in the capacity of Director the Renewable Energy Research Centre, Dhaka University (1990-2000).

Research Experience in other subjects

Conducted the research on the following areas; published books, research papers, popular papers on these.

  • Environment, Renewable Energy.
  • Appropriate Technology, Rural Technology.
  • History, methods, and philosophy of science.
  • Gender and Development.


  • Bangla Academy Literature Award - 2008 for science literature.
  • Prix-Caritas Award, Switzerland - 2009.
  • Meher Kabir Award for Science Literature, Bangla Academy, - 2007.
  • Qudrat-E-Khuda Gold Medal for popularization of science – 1989
  • Agroni Bank Award for Children Literature 1987.

Work Experience:

Service in Dhaka University:

  • Joined the University of Dhaka as a Lecturer in the Physics Department in 1967. Has been teaching here as a Lecturer (1967-1972), Asstt. Professor (1972-1975), Associate Professor (1975-1986), and Professor (1986-2012).
  • Served as Chairman, Department of physics, Dhaka University from 1999 to 2003.
  • Served as Director of Renewable Energy Research Centre (RERC), Dhaka University, from 1990 to 2000.

Subjects taught included:

Solid State Physics, Electronics, Solar Energy, Physics in History.

Professor of Physics, Dhaka University (Retired June 2011).

Has given following courses as a Visiting Professor

Dhaka University Business Faculty (Banking Dept.):

  • General Science and Environment (B 110).

Brac University: 

  • History of Science (HST 407): For undergrad science, engineering business, humanities students.
  • Technology and Development (DEV 614) for Masters students in Brac Institute of Development (BDI) with science, social science, business and humanities background.
  • Renewable Energy Technology (APT 407) for undergrad science and engineering students.

ULAB University: Joined the University of ULAB as a Part time Faculty in GED Department (2013), Adjunct Faculty from 15th January 2014, Professor from 14th January 2014 till 31st January 2020, GED Department Head from 15th January 2015 to 31st January 2020, Again Adjunct Faculty from 1st February 2020 till now.





50 books

Journal Articles

24 scientific papers in international and national peer reviewed scientific  journals  and more than 100 other papers

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