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  • +880-2-966-1255, +880-2-966-1301, +880-2-966-5686
  • [email protected]
  • University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh House 56, Road 4/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
  • PhD, Cultural Studies in Asia, National University of Singapore

Areas of Interest
City and urban discursive practices, Popular culture, Literature and Interdisciplinary studies.

Tabassum Zaman, PhD

Associate Professor


Currently, Tabassum Zaman is Assistant Professor of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). She has been teaching undergraduates for over a decade now in various institutions, both at home and abroad, including Singapore and the US. she was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cultural Studies Research Cluster at the Asia Research Institute (ARI), Singapore, from November 2015-May 2016, and a Fulbright Scholar at Marlboro College from August 2005-May 2006.

Research & Awards

Current Project:
Monograph on Dhaka exploring the popular imagination and knowledge construction of the city which remains equally understudied and marginalized in the conventional urban discourse.
1. Research Scholarship (2008-2013) for PhD, Cultural Studies in Asia, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.
2. Postdoctoral Fellowship (November 2015- May 2016): Asia Research Institute (ARI), Singapore.
3. Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship (FLTA), August 2005- May2006, Marlboro College, Vermont, USA.



Dhaka, Urban Environments and the Subjective City, Palgrave Macmillan (Forthcoming)

Journal Articles

Tabassum Zaman. (2010). Facebook: Utopia, Dystopia or Heterotopia?. BRAC University Journal, Special Issue, Fall (I), 169-179 .

Tabassum Zaman. (2006). Life Writing: Straddling fact and fiction.  BRAC University Journal, III (2), 93-99.

Tabassum Zaman. (2006). Teaching Language from Literature Background: Bringing the Best of   Two Worlds.  BRAC University Journal, III (I), 75- 81. 


1. “The spectral past for a glorious future: Dhaka’s temporal and spatial other “ in Urban Asias: Futures Past, Present And Yet To Come, Ed. Tim 

Bunnell  & Daniel P.S. GOH, National University of Singapore (Forthcoming)

Newspaper & Magazines

Tabassum Zaman. (2014). Imagining Dhaka. Jamini. I (I), 110-113.

Conference Proceedings

“Locating the unruly other spaces in the authoritative discourse on Dhaka” at the IACS (Inter Asia Cultural Studies Society) Biennale Conference in Surabaya, Indonesia, August, 2015.

“Transport Art: A Chance Discourse on the City”at the IACS (Inter Asia Cultural Studies Society) Biennale Conference in Singapore, July 2013. 

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