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  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies, Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore, India.

    MA in Film and Media, Stamford University Bangladesh.

    BSc in Statistics, University of Dhaka.    

Areas of Interest
Women and Cinema; Screenplay Writing and Analysis; Reception, Audience, and Fan Studies; Star Studies; Community Radio. 

Bikash Chandra Bhowmick

Assistant Professor


He is currently teaching in the Media Studies and Journalism Department of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). He has taught at Stamford University, Bangladesh.
He did his Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies in 2009 at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore, India. He completed his MA degree in Film and Media from Stamford University, Bangladesh and BSc in Statistics from University of Dhaka.
He has received a CSCS PhD Coursework Fellowship for the year 2009 and a Bangladesh Film Archive Research Fellowship for 2008. He published four books: Women on Screen (2009), Jhora Patar Galpo (From the Pages of Memory, a fiction novel, 2010), Chalochchittrey Galpo Bola (Film Storytelling, 2014) and Porichoyheena (fiction novel, 2016). He also directed a film Matir Tane (Turn to the Root, 2005) with Anwar Chowdhury, which was screened at the ‘Documentary Film Festival 2007’ in Dhaka.



Research & Awards

Recent Project:

Book Project: Songbad Likhon, Potthon ebong Bhashar Byakoron

Article: Community Media Activism on the Environment: The Case of Sundarban 



CSCS PhD Fellowship for PhD Coursework (2009). Awarded by Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore, India.
Bangladesh Film Archive Research Fellowship (2008). Awarded by Bangladesh Film Archive (BFA), Ministry of Information .
Papyrus Literary Award (2002). Awarderd by Dept. of Statistics, University of Dhaka



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Bhowmick, B. C. (2010). Jhara Patar Galpo. Dhaka: Shuddhashar. 

Bhowmick, B. C. (2014). Chalochchittrey Galpo Bola: Dhape Dhape Chitronatyo Likhon. Dhaka: Somoy Prokashon.

Bhowmick, B. C. (2016). Porichoyheena. Dhaka: Kakoli Prokashoni. 

Journal Articles

Bhowmick, B. C. (2012). The problematic Future of our Democracy. International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow (IJSST), 1(8), 1-9. Retrieve from http://ijsst.com/vol1_issue8.php.  

Bhowmick, B. C. (2015a). Amader Cholochchitroke Bachiey Rakhte Hole. Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute Journal, 1(1), 73-78.    

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Bhowmick, B. C. (2015c). Beder Meye Joshna –Er Galpo Bolar Poddhotir Ekti Katthamogato Bishleson. Bangladesh Film Archive Journal, 8(9), 20-27. 


Bhowmick, B. C., Genilo, J. W., & Shoesmith, B. (2013). Radio in Bangladesh: Growth, Decline and Transformation.  In J. W. Genilo & B. Shoesmith (Eds.), Bangladesh’s Changing Mediascape (55-77). Bristol, UK / Chicago, USA: Intellect.

Bhowmick, B. C. (2016). Chitronatyo Rachonar Koushol. In M. J. Hossain (Ed.), Chalochchitra Oddhayon O Proshikkhon (135-147). Dhaka: Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute. 

Bhowmick, B. C., Genilo, J. W., & Hossain, M. S. (2016). Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Community Radio in Bangladesh. In V. Kumar & P. Gupta (Eds.), Media & Communication in Sustainable Development (142-163). Haryana, India: Society for Education and Research Development. 

Newspaper & Magazines

Bhowmick, B. C. (2012, June). An Unusual Theatre Experience. The Star Weekend, 11(22). Retrieved from http://archive.thedailystar.net/magazine/2012/06/01/film.htm

Creative Works

Bhowmick, B. C. (Director), & Chowdhury, A. (Writer & Director). (2005). Matir Tane (DVD). Dhaka: Stamford University Bangladesh. 

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