BBRI DataBank

Bangladesh Business Reference Initiative (BBRI) Databank is an analysis and visualization tool that contains collections of time series data and publications on a variety of topics related with Bangladesh. The DataBank is updated continuously, and historical information goes back as far as 1959. Sources include University of Pennsylvania, World Bank, University of Groningen, Bangladesh Bank, Dhaka Stock Exchange, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and other institutions. The details index of the BBRI DataBank is as follows:

Annual Reports of the DSE Listed Companies
Trading data from the Dhaka Stock Exchange
Budget of Bangladesh
Business Research Organization 2016
Data from Bangladesh bank
Journals of Asiatic Society
Publications of Bangladesh Bank
Publications of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)
Publications of Business Research Organization of Bangladesh
Reports of Center for Policy Dialogue
Reports of World Bank
UN Quarterly Report
UNDP Bangladesh Research & Publications