BBRI Resource & Business Data-1

What is BBRI- Bangladesh Business Reference Initiative?

Bangladesh Business Reference Initiative (BBRI) Databank is an analysis and visualization tool that contains collections of time series data and publications on a variety of topics related to Bangladesh. The objective of BBRI is to build a business reference section and to bring together all the publicly available information on local businesses under one roof.


What are the BBRI Resources?

– Annual Reports of the DSE Listed Companies,
– Budget of Bangladesh,
– Publications of Bangladesh Bank,
– Publications of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS),
– Publications of Business Research Organization of Bangladesh,
– Reports of Center for Policy Dialogue,
– Reports of World Bank,
– Trading data from the Dhaka Stock Exchange,
– UN Quarterly Report,
– UNDP Bangladesh Research & Publications etc.

How to get an Annual Report?

ULAB Library provides online services on BBRI resources to its users. Users can get maximum 5 (Five) annual reports from the library. To get the reports, users need to contact ULAB Library at – [email protected]  with the following information:

– Company Name and Year of the report,

– User Name and ULAB ID


How to view the Report Index?

To view and download the INDEX /List of BBRI report, please follow the steps below:

– Visit ULAB  library website at –   [email protected]
– Click ‘Online Library’ from ‘Quick links’.
– Click ‘BBRI Resources (annual report and business data)’
– View and select your required report information from the Index