CSE 404

CSE 404

Course Code: CSE 404
Course Name: Software Engineering
Prerequisite: CSE 103, CSE 201,, CSE 207
Credit Hours: 3.00

Detailed Syllabus:

Software development life cycles: development process models, Risk based evolutionary approaches; problem analysis and requirements specifications DFD and data dictionary; Important specification languages; Function point analysis, for estimation of lines and codes;

Software-cost evaluation: Software-cost evaluation based on COCOMO models and Norden and Raleigh’s stochastic model for software cost estimation; Architectural design-modularization, structured design methodology and other process oriented design methodologies, data and object orient design methodologies;

Software complexity metrics: Code length based, control structure based and hybrid methods; testing theoretical foundation, black box and white-box approaches. Integration and system testing; case studies; computer Aided software engineering.

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