MAT 101

MAT 101

Course Code: MAT 101
Course Title: Differential and Integral Calculus
Prerequisite: None
Credit Hours: 3.00

Detailed Syllabus:

Differential Calculus:
Functional Analysis and Graphical Information: function, properties of functions, graphs of functions, new function from old, lines and family of functions, Limit: Limits( an informal view), one sided limits, the relation between one sided and two sided limits, computing limits, Continuity: continuity and discontinuity, some properties of continuity, the intermediated value theorem, Derivatives: slop and rate of change, tangent and normal, derivative of a function, physical meaning of derivative of a function, techniques of differentiation, chain rule, successive derivatives, Derivative in graphing and applications: analysis of functions, maximum and minimum, Expansion functions: Taylor’s series, Maclaurian’s series, Leibniz; Rolle’s and Mean Value theorems, Partials and total derivatives of a function of two or three variables.

Integral Calculus:
Different technique of integration: integration, fundamental integrals, methods of substitutions, integration of rational functions, integration by parts, integrals of special trigonometric functions, reduction formulae for trigonometric functions, Definite integrals: general properties of definite integral, definite integral as the limit of sum and as an area, definition of Riemann integral, Fundamental theorem of integral calculus and its applications to definite integrals, determination of arc length, Improper integrals, Double integrals, Evaluation of Areas and Volumes.

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