Public Lectures and Workshops

Public Lectures and Masterclasses

The Masters in Communication (MComn) program believes that the classroom is not the only place for teaching-learning; a lot of learning takes place outside the classroom, for example, through interactions with industry professionals, field visits etc. As such the program organizes on a regular basis masterclasses and public lectures on different professional and/or contemporary issues wherein the students get opportunities to interact with renowned academics and professionals from around the world.

MComn Workshops

The MComn program emphasizes on developing research skills of its students. As such, about 40% of the MComn courses are related to research. Alongside, the program organizes the following workshops every semester in collaboration with external partners (e.g. IAMCR) to help students develop/enhance their research skills:

  • Workshop on Conceptualizing Research
  • Workshop on Formulating Study Framework
  • Workshop on Instrument Design
  • Workshop on Constructing Data Tables and Matrices
  • Workshop on Data Presentation
  • Workshop on Managing References using Zotero
  • Workshop on Thesis Formatting and Styling