GED Courses

A) GED Core (7 Courses / 21 credits)


All students are required to complete the following core GED courses within the first four terms. See the Course Distribution List below for the sequence of GED courses.


ENG 101 Basic English & Learning Skills
ENG 102 Fundamentals of English I
ENG 103 Fundamental of English II
GED 100 Bangladesh Studies
GED 101 Bangla Bhasha
CSE 101 Introduction to Computer Studies
GED 201 World Civilization


B) GED Electives (3 courses / 9 credits)

GED Elective offerings will vary from term to term. The three electives will be spread over terms 5, 6 and 7. Students will have to choose from the courses offered in a particular term. (See details in General Education Program section)