Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

The course requirements for a BSS in Media Studies and Journalism with majors in Business Journalism, Digital Film and Television Production and Public Relations are as follows:


Course Type


GED Courses

Communication Studies Core Courses

Media Studies Core Courses

Major Study Concentration

Minor Study Concentration

Elective/Optional MSJ Courses

Internship or Project













By the end of the programme, the graduates would have:

PLO 1 : Acquired a broad knowledge base essential for navigating in today’s society

PLO 2 : Developed respect for nature and for the diversity of people

PLO 3 : Understood the various concepts, models and theories of media, culture and communication

PLO 4 : Internalized the ethics and codes of conduct required by the profession

PLO 5 : Possessed creative, analytical and critical thinking abilities

PLO 6 : Shown adequate communication skills in both English and Bengali languages

PLO 7 : Demonstrated the ability to manipulate technologies of print, broadcast and new media

PLO 8 : Produced an acceptable body of work (portfolio) to join the media and communication industry


The 3H Professionals

Cognitive Abilities

* Bengali and English Language Skills

* Analytical and Critical Skills

* Convergence Communication

* Mathematical Ability

* Liberal Arts Knowledge

Attitudinal Capacities

* Sustainable Development

* Professional Conduct

* Love for Learning

* Ethics and Moral Values

* Respect for Diversity

Behavioral Attributes

* Technologically Updated

* Multimedia Orientation

* Industry Focus

* Communication Excellence

* Problem Solving Focus