How to Start a New Club

The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh believes that co-curricular activities are essential to a liberal arts education, by building important skills that complement classroom learning, such as leadership, teamwork, and creativity.

ULAB accepts proposals for new clubs. All clubs must be officially approved by the university. No outside group or party may start a club on campus. Each club will be run under the supervision of a Faculty or Admin Advisor, who will directly appoint the executive committee of the club.

Evaluation criteria for approving new clubs
While the University is open to new clubs, the final decision will be taken by the Vice Chancellor. Several criteria will be taken into account when approving a club. Please make sure you address all these concerns in your proposal:

  • student interest/demand
  • sustainability or continuity of interest beyond the initial committee
  • alignment with ULAB core values/ priorities
  • Educational/personal growth benefits to students
  • Expected annual costs

New Club Proposal Form

To propose a new club, please submit the New Club Proposal Form to the Co-Curricular Coordinator.

Link: New Club Proposal Form