IQAC Director Briefs Faculty

Student Feedback on Faculty Performance

Prof. Jude William Genilo, Director of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, briefed faculty members on 31 December 2020 regarding the student feedback on faculty performance of the different departments.   The average mean rating for all departments for Spring Term 2020 is 4.08 and for Summer Term 2020 is 4.16.  The scale is from 1.0 (lowest) to 5.0 (highest).  The trend has been largely upward for the university faculty.

Student satisfaction may be attributed to the following: (1) capacity building activities among faculty on online learning; (2) personalized and longer interactions with the faculty and fellow students; (3) flexibility in attendance, assignments and assessment methods; (4) continued access to online library resources; and (5) open line of communication with academic administrators.

He also briefed faculty regarding the result of graduate exit survey on Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.  The graduating students expressed their perception regarding the different aspects of the university such as governance, teaching leaning and assessment, physical facilities and library resources, student support services and administrative entities.  The overall mean rating for Fall 2019 Term is 3.92 and for Spring 2020 Term is 3.90.  The scale is from 1.0 (lowest) to 5.0 (highest).