ITO Facilities

Strengths of ULAB’s IT Division

PCs and Labs

Seven Computer Labs and Two Research Labs with Internet connections
Browsing PCs in lobbies and lounges for Students
WiFi coverage in both Permanent Campus and Dhanmondi Campus
Licensed Anti Virus for all computers

Email, Web and Internet

ULAB Domain web mail for students with 25 GB per user
Online Registration System for students
Grade results published by URMS
24 hour free Internet access for all
90 Mbps duplex Internet bandwidth with redundancy connection

LAN, Server and Domain Controller

ONLINE and OFFLINE power backup for all computers
Domain Controller for all students in the Browsing Lab
Central File Server access for all
Separate Power Distribution Room with 8 ONLINE UPS


One-man-one-computer for all academic & admin members
Well equipped classrooms with Modern multimedia facilities
ID Card Management Systems
Room Booking System
IT-based Security Access Controller
CCTVs for security monitoring

Ongoing projects of ULAB IT Division

Establishing new Network Lab with CCNP-supported CISCO Devices
ULAB Resource Management System (URMS)

Inquiries and assistance: [email protected]. IT Help Desk is open from 9 AM to 9 PM including Friday & Saturday.