Major/Concentration Courses

Concentration Courses (3 Courses: 9 Credits)
Students are required to complete three area specific concentration courses from any of the major area. These three courses (3 credits each) will enable the students to develop specialization in any of the specific field.

Bank Management
BMG 504 Management of Commercial Banks
BMG 506 Central Banking
BMG 508 Banking Theory & Practice
BMG 509 International Trade Payment and Finance
BMG 511 International Finance and Banking
BMG 512 Investment Banking and Merchant Banking


FIN 502 Investment Theory
FIN 503 Intermediate Financial Management
FIN 504 Financial Institutions & Markets
FIN 505 International Financial Management
FIN 506 Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives
FIN 507 Corporate Finance
FIN 508 Portfolio Management


Human Resources Management
HRM 502 Manpower Planning & Personnel Policy
HRM 503 Leadership
HRM 504 Industrial Relations
HRM 505 Entrepreneurship
HRM 506 Training and Development
HRM 507 Strategic Human Resources Management
HRM 508 Compensation Management
HRM 509 Organization and Conflict Management
HRM 510 Performance Management


Information Technology
MIS 502 Advanced Programming
MIS 503 Electronic Commerce
MIS 504 Computer Networking
MIS 505 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 506 Networking and Operating System
MIS 507 Database Design and Application Development
MIS 508 Decision Support system
MIS 509 Management Information System (MIS)


MGT 502 International Business
MGT 503 Organization Theory & Design
MGT 504 The Management of Innovation & Change
MGT 505 Power and Influence
MGT 506 Negotiation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution
MGT 507 Research Methodology
HRM 503 Leadership
HRM 505 Entrepreneurship


MKT 502 International Business
MKT 503 International Marketing
MKT 504 Consumer Behavior
MKT 505 Integrated Marketing Communication
MKT 506 Services Marketing
MKT 507 Channels of Distribution
MKT 508 Market Planning and Strategy
MKT 509 Export Management
MKT 510 Personal Selling and Sales Force Management
MKT 511 Brand Management
MKT 512 Marketing Research


Operations Managemen
OPM 502 Applied Management Science
OPM 503 Technology and Change
OPM 504 Total Quality Management
OPM 505 Operations Research
OPM 506 Logistics Management
OPM 507 Inventory Management
OPM 508 Supply Chain Management
OPM 509 Project Management


Risk Management & Insurance
INS 501 Risk Management & Insurance
INS 502 Property Pecuniary, Liability & Insurance of the Person
INS 503 Principles of Reinsurance
INS 504 Underwriting Management
INS 505 Claims Management