ENG.LIT.MEET: DEH Inter-Batch Cultural Contest

ENG.LIT.MEET: DEH Inter-Batch Cultural Contest

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Sunday, August 4, 2019
School of Arts & Humanities, Bachelor of Arts in English

To encourage students to engage critically with their course texts as well as nurture their creative talents, the Department of English and Humanities organized the second Inter-Batch Cultural Contest, the ENG.LIT.MEET. The competition also helps students interact with each other beyond the classroom to develop extra-curricular skills and qualities like organization, teamwork, communication, empathy, and so on.

The eleven batches of the department competed for cash prizes with each batch rendering some brilliant interpretations of classics as well as portraying current social issues.

Prof. Kaiser Haq (Dean, School of Arts and Humanities), Prof. Shamsad Mortuza (Pro Vice-Chancellor, ULAB and Head, DEH), Prof. Suhail Islam (Visiting Professor), and Ms. Nadia Rahman (Assistant Professor, DEH) comprised the judges’ panel.

Performances ranged from a Bengali (Old Dhaka dialect) version of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”; Shakespeare’s Women; a mockery of the mock-epic, “The Rape of the Lock”; and other representations through songs, dances, and drama.

Batch 191 won the Champion’s Award with a cash prize of Tk. 8000 and a certificate. Their performance was titled “Sexual Abuse: It Ends Now.”

Batch 172 and Batch 182 were declared joint Runners-Up with their performances of “Happily Ever After” and “Fate” respectively. Each batch received a cash prize of Tk. 5000 and a certificate.

Batch 183 received honorable mention for their performance titled “Borrowed Time.”

Each participant received a Certificate of Participation.

The program was well attended by all faculty members and students of DEH.

Some pictures of the event are below: