Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) is a platform for copyright-free online educational resources. There are lots of resources in different formats. Most of the resources are free from copyright. There are different Content Repositories, Portal Repository, Content+Portal Repositories. These are as follows:


For images: Flickr Creative Commons

Google Advanced Search

For video: Vimeo

For text, etc: OER Commons

Directory of Open Educational Resources (DOER), COL

OASIS [COL’s eLibrary]

Wikimedia Commons

Wiki books

Openstax CNX

Khan Academy


Global Text Project [30 textbooks management and technology]

● ESC Library's OER Guide

  •  A starting place to find OER repositories and lists.
  • They are categorized by the type of OER: Open Textbook, Open Course, and smaller OER…

● Open Educational Resources: "Single Serving" OERs

● Open Textbooks: Open Textbook Repositories

● Open Educational Resources: Open Courses