Tanzim Aziz (MA alumnus – 153 batch – Magna Cum Laude)

It had been an epistemological journey doing Masters in English Literature and Cultural Studies at ULAB. In an expansive green permanent campus with well equipped class rooms and modern amenities, the program is conducted by scholars and well experienced faculty members. They have influenced and inspired me to construct my knowledge in different genres, relating them to theories by revisionists and revolutionists. Previously completing both BBA and MBA from leading local and international institutions and serving two conglomerates, I have long nourished an ambition to do an MA in Creative Writing which can best be nurtured in the beautiful politics free ambiance of ULAB. In the epoch of globalization, competition is fierce and one has to prove that she/ he is unique. A totality of perseverance, eagerness to learn and presenting literary skills in a creative manner are quintessential to creating and sustaining a position in any future profession. I want to prepare myself as a writer of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and poetry. Since childhood, I had a passion to be heard and read. This has driven me to enroll for my second MA in English at ULAB in the Creative Writing track which will enable me to reconstruct my literary skills through the guidance of eminent scholars of our country and getting my best works published.

- Tanzim Aziz (MA alumnus - 153 batch - Magna Cum Laude)