Track 3: Literature and Creative Writing

A unique program, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, where the students will have an opportunity to work under the tutelage of highly acclaimed writers to exercise their creativity in different genres. The training will prepare them for a diverse and rapidly changing world.


Core Courses
(6 courses / 18 credits to be completed, and dissertation for 6 credits)

ENG 513 Advanced Critical Reading I: Fiction & Creative Non-fiction
ENG 514 Advanced Critical Reading II: Poetry & Drama
ENG 547 Writing Poetry
ENG 548 Fiction Writing
ENG 549 Writing Creative Non-Fiction
ENG 550 Playwriting
ENG 599 Dissertation*
*Non-Thesis Option: Students with a CGPA below 3.3 will not be allowed to write a dissertation. Instead, they will take two courses as advised by the Department.

Electives (4/8 courses or 12/24 credits)
Students in the 1-year program choose any four of the courses from the list of electives.
Students in the 2-year program choose any eight of which some may be prerequisites for other courses.

ENG 515 Colonial and Postcolonial Discourses
ENG 516 Translation Studies
ENG 524 Contemporary Literatures in English
ENG 525 Representing Gender: Women Writers
ENG 529D Literature and the Environment
ENG 531 History of Ideas
ENG 532 Special Author Study and Literary Project/Linguistics Project
ENG 538 World Englishes
ENG 545 Comparative Linguistics
ENG 551 Screenwriting for Film and TV
ENG 552 Experiments in Fiction (Modernist & Postmodernist)
ENG 553 Technology and the Writer
ENG 554 Readings in Literary Translation
ENG 555 Advanced Readings in South Asian Fiction & Non-fiction in English
ENG 556 Advanced Readings in South Asian Poetry & Drama in English
ENG 557 Gender Politics
ENG 567: Digital Humanities
ENG 568: Language, Power and Gender
ENG 597 Independent Study/Colloquium