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  • UndergraduateMonday, 22 February 2021
  • GraduateFriday, 19 February 2021

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DEH Alumni Workshop on Feature Writing

The Department of English and Humanities at ULAB organized an online workshop on feature writing for its students on April 6, 2021. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Nahid Riyasad, an alumnus of the department and staff writer at the online news portal, New Age. The workshop began with a welcome address by the Head of Department, Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman, who praised the collaborative nature of the program where current students of the department can benefit from the experiences of the alumni. She also noted the importance of learning different skills to become equipped for the job market of which media is a relevant field. She thanked Nahid Riyasad for sharing his experiences with the purpose of guiding the students towards the development of an important skill and she hoped that such collaborations and exchanges would continue to encourage a better learning environment.

In the workshop, Nahid Riyasad discussed different aspects of journalism and feature writing, such as, how to choose a topic, the importance of brainstorming, the significance and procedures of research, and how to structure and edit the final draft. Himself a politically conscious person, and working in a socially responsible daily newspaper, Mr. Riyasad shared many personal experiences that he has gathered over the course of his professional life.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion session where the participants shared their feelings and asked questions to the facilitator. The workshop was coordinated by DEH TA Md. Mashiur Rahaman and hosted by Tashfiya Saba, a student of the department.

DEH Alumni Talk: “Aiming to Study Abroad”

The Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) in collaboration with its Alumni Association organized a talk on March 27, 2021 with Rebeka Badiozzaman, a highly accomplished alumna of the department, and Mohammad Shams Ud Duha, PhD student at Purdue University, USA. The talk, “Aiming to Study Abroad: Behind the Scenes (Canada and USA)” was focused on providing guidance to students who aspire to study abroad.


Rebeka Badiozzaman, a Learning Technology and Change Management Consultant (Instructional Design, E-learning, and Digital transformation) with her own consulting firm, and Mohammad Shams Ud Duha shared their experiences about the various aspects of studying abroad, in Canada and the US respectively, beginning with the preparation phase. They stressed the importance of the Statement of Purpose where students should highlight their personalities and weave a story by building connections among their different experiences. Speaking about the basic requirements for applying to Canada or the US, Mr. Duha emphasized that students must allow enough time to prepare for standardized tests required by most US universities, such as the GRE. Ms. Badiozzaman added that finding the appropriate programs can prove to be overwhelming, so ample time and patience are needed.


To apply for a PhD in the US, Mr. Duha suggested finding a suitable supervisor. He also said that students should apply to a balanced selection of universities to increase their chances of success. Ms. Badiozzaman mentioned that climate, living conditions, and living costs of the location must be considered carefully. She also emphasized the importance of mental health.


The final topic of conversation was funding. Ms. Badiozzaman noted that full funding is rare in Canadian universities. Students should therefore have the funds to live in a foreign country and not rely on any part-time jobs to pay their way. Mr. Duha described various options for funding in the US. The speakers pointed out that students may not need a lot of experience or research before applying. However, it is important to portray a genuine interest in participating in the program of choice.

Scholars Program Launched at DEH

The Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) launched a Scholars Program for its undergraduate students  on March 25, 2021. The mission of the Scholars Program is to provide a platform for those high-achieving students who strive for academic excellence and are ready to explore extensive educational opportunities not covered by the standard curriculum.

Following a rigorous application process and interview, seven DEH students from 3rd year onwards were selected to begin the program in Spring 2021. These students will have the opportunity for better intellectual engagement through specialized skill-building workshops, higher level course audits, guided participation in conferences, and other academic pursuits.  By participating in this program, the selected students will have a better understanding of the liberal arts philosophy and create a large network of learners so that they can draw upon the resources of collaborative work. They will also learn how to work with professionals in different capacities and fields.

In his introductory comments, the Advisor of the Scholars Program, Dr. Sarkar Hasan Al Zayed congratulated the selected students and explained the objectives of the program and stressed the need for resilience in such an intensive academic opportunity.

Arifa Ghani Rahman, Head of DEH, appreciated the students’ enthusiasm to take on challenging projects to improve their academic competencies. She also noted that students’ participation in this program would enable them for the job market or higher studies.

Prof. Shamsad Mortuza, Pro Vice-Chancellor, ULAB, and Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, emphasized that the students must combine knowledge and skills to not only make their mark but to become role-models and mentors to inspire others. The program was then formally inaugurated virtually by the Vice Chancellor of ULAB,

Prof. H M Jahirul Haque who, in his speech, praised this initiative of DEH and appreciated the department’s commitment to quality teaching. Professor Kaiser Haq, Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam, with all other faculty members and students of DEH, were also present in the event.

The ceremony, orchestrated by Nadia Rahman, ended with the scholar students introducing themselves and speaking about their reasons for joining the program.

The program launching event can be viewed at:

The seven students selected in the first round for the Scholars Program are:

Md. Mashiur Rahaman (173)

Md. Sahedul Islam Hira (181)

Fairuz Maliha Surma (181)

Noshin Nisa (181)

Sheikh Tasmima Mrenmoi (182)

Abida Alam (182)

Debjani Das (191)

Apprenticeship Day Spring 2021 was celebrated by The Department of Media Studies and Journalism

The Department of Media Studies and Journalism, ULAB organized the Apprenticeship Day Program, on March 12, 2021, on a digital platform, called Zoom.

Every semester, the MSJ department celebrates the Apprenticeship Day that enables students to showcase the creative works they have completed in the previous semester as a part of their extracurricular activities.

The event commenced with the host greeting the students, the advisors, and the faculty members. Afterward, the Head of the Media Studies and Journalism department, Professor Jude William Genilo, inaugurated the event with a brief speech. While underscoring the importance of the Apprenticeship Program, Professor Genilo said, “The Apprenticeship Day illustrates the department’s commitment to developing our students to meet the demands of the profession. We are mindful of your trust that you have placed in us for your education which is considered the key to your future job, career, and quality of life. For this reason, we have adopted a market-centric, and technology-driven approach; a belief that students are the focus of education, and that learning is a lifelong conviction, and that universities must produce graduates who create an impact in the profession and society.”

Professor Jude William Genilo giving the welcome speech


Following the inspiring speech from the Head of the Department, the host presented a short overview of the MSJ Apprenticeship Program in which the purpose of the Apprenticeship Day Program was highlighted. Additionally, a presentation was shown introducing the advisors and instructors to the audience.

After the introductions, Ulabian, Radio Camp Buzz, CinemaScope, ULABTV, PR4U, Animation Studio, DIMFF, and ShutterBugs each screened respective videos demonstrating their programs’ features, activities, and accomplishments. The ULABian made a short video demonstrating the current state of print media, Radio Camp Buzz showed a fun video of how their members work, Cinemascope displayed snippets of films they have produced, ULAB TV presented how their television station functions, and PR4U exhibited a PSA and a montage of the previous events they have arranged. While Animation Studio presented animation videos made by them, DIMFF showcased a brief video featuring their activities and some short interviews and Shutterbugs displayed a video highlighting their Photo Walk.

Presentation from the Apprenticeship Program ULAB Animation Studio


Subsequently, the names of the award winners from different apprenticeship programmes of Fall 2020 were announced. The host then congratulated the winners for their outstanding achievements.

Department of Media Studies and Journalism organizes Freshers’ Orientation Spring 2021

The Department of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized its Freshers’ Orientation on 06 March 2021 for Spring’ 21 on Zoom, a video conferencing platform, as part of its consistent efforts to adapt to the new normal.

Hosts from PR4U welcome the freshers.


The event started with a welcome speech by Dr. Jude William Genilo, the Honorable Head of ULAB’s MSJ Department.  In his speech, he congratulated new students and talked about the challenges that they might come across to cope in New Normal. Prof Jude mentioned, “As I welcome you into the MSJ department, I would like you to enter into an agreement. You are here investing your time, your money, your energy for your education. You are putting your trust in us to provide you with the foundation necessary to achieve future milestones, especially getting a job after graduation. On our part, we are investing our time, effort, and expertise to bring out your best potential. So congratulations on taking the step in entering the MSJ department at the time of the pandemic. Be reassured that you have entered a university fully equipped to handle the challenges of the online arrangement. And you need to realize that we have both invested in each other”.

Professor Jude William Genilo delivers his welcome speech.


There was also a live interactive session conducted by Assistant Professor Dr. Sarkar Barbaq Qaurmal of ULAB MSJ Department where the newcomers were greeted and got the opportunity to share their aspirations.

Live interactive session going on with the freshers.


The program also gave insight into various important topics. A session on introduction to the Department’s History and Mission was conducted by Nandita Tabassum Khan, Senior Lecturer & Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Senior Lecturer Muhammad spoke about the significance of portfolio formation for the students.

The last section of the program comprised of a video screening session that displayed some of the excellent works of some current students of the department. The event ended with a closing announcement, which includes an invitation for the freshers to attend a live online meeting with their respective advisors.

Glimpse from a student production


The Spring’ 21 orientation session was coordinated on the digital platform by the Brian Shoesmith Media Lab and PR4U, one of the apprenticeship programs of the department.

2nd Forum with Prof. Syed Manzoorul Islam: DEH Curriculum Integration Spring 2021

Renowned postcolonial critic and eminent academic, Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam said, “A similar colonial attitude persists in all countries of the Indian subcontinent. But we are supposed to be a little different, and we should not allow our paths to be driven by the same colonialist energy that we have seen operating from 1947 to 1971.” Professor Islam was speaking at the Second Forum of the Department of English and Humanities Curriculum Integration Program for Spring 2021 held on March 21, 2021. (Program video link:

The theme of the Spring 2021 semester’s Curriculum Integration is “Fifty Years of Bangladesh’s Independence: Language, Literature and Culture.” The chosen theme honors the fifty years of Bangladesh’s independence. After a formal introduction by Professor Shamsad Mortuza, Pro Vice-Chancellor, ULAB, and Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam discussed the theme with references to postcolonial literary works, and why the emergence of Bangladesh is a unique phenomenon. In his talk, Prof. Islam explained that the difference between Bangladesh and the rest of the subcontinent lies in the fact that this nation has fought a war for independence from the colonial powers – twice. He insisted that the people of this country should start decolonizing the practices of public and private life if the impacts of colonization are to be overcome. Behavior must be critiqued for how and why individuals follow a certain pattern in their attitude towards others.

In her opening remarks, the Head of the Department, Arifa Ghani Rahman, explained the rationale behind the department’s Curriculum Integration Program. Students find ways of connecting their course materials to a significant and relevant overarching global theme through projects and presentations. Two forums with experts are held to help the students in this process of connection.

The Spring 2021 Curriculum Integration was organized by the CI Committee led by Dr. Mahmud Hasan Khan, Associate Professor, DEH. Working with him were Nazah Farhat, Lecturer, and Tasmia Mayen, Lecturer, DEH.

The forum was hosted by Shahriyer Hossain Shetu, a student of the BA in English program at ULAB.


Research Paper presented in an International Conference by Faculty Members of EEE

Mr. Shameem Hasan presented the research paper entitled “Impacts of COVID-19 on the Electrical Power Dynamics and Environment of Bangladesh” in the IEEE International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering (3rd REEPE 2021), Moscow, Russia on 12 March 2021. The paper was authored by Mr. Shameem Hasan, Dr. Mirza Rasheduzzaman and Prof. Dr. M. Mofazzal Hossain.