ULAB MSJ Alumni Formation Summer’20

The MSJ Alumni Formation Programme Summer 2020, organized by the Department of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ), ULAB took place on October 15, 2020 in an online platform called Zoom.

The event began with the announcement of the names of the fresh graduates who successfully completed their internship in the Summer 2020 semester.

Head of the Media Studies and Journalism Department Professor Jude William Genilo delivers his welcome speech to the new graduates


Professor Jude William Genilo who is the Head of the Department of Media Studies and Journalism then gave a short speech about how ULAB has been coping up with the whole pandemic situation, and also appreciated the students for being patient throughout the entire period. He said, “ULAB Media Studies and Journalism Department believes that our graduates should be employable. That they should make an impact on the profession as well as on society. During this pandemic situation, we took the necessary precautions for our students. For us, you are the most important and we need to take care of you especially of your health and safety”.

Anika Zaman receives her congratulating certificate for accomplishing her internship successfully


The program came to an end with the students reminiscing their university life with the faculty members and an entertainment segment organized by PR4U, an apprenticeship program of the Media Studies and Journalism Department (MSJ) ULAB.

Webinar on English and development: Discourses and beyond



Center for Language Studies (CLS) organized a webinar about English and development discourses on September 17, 2020, in Zoom platform. This webinar was conducted by Dr. Qumrul Hasan Chowdhury, Assistant Professor of English in the Institute of Modern Languages at the University of Dhaka. He did his Ph.D. at King’s College, London, UK with Commonwealth Scholarship and MA in TESOL at UCL Institute of Education, UK, with Centenary Scholarship. His research interests are English and development Southern/critical applied linguistics, language and religion.
This facilitator presented the arguments and counter-arguments of English for development discourse to argue that English for development should take a deep and nuanced approach, exercising sensitivity to heterogeneous experiences, realities and needs in the global South. The need for local language instead of English was emphasized and the need for other native languages rather than English for migrant workers in the Middle East. The moderator, Razia Sultana, coordinator, CLS mentioned that this criticism of linguistic imperialism will beneficial for proper sustainable development in the language sector. The question-answer session addressed the connection between English language teaching and sustainable development goals, dominance of English in job interviews, lack of focus on academic Bangla, etc. Dr Shaila Sultana, advisor of CLS, ULAB pointed out the importance of endangered indigenous languages which are slowly becoming rare even in the informal domain. Language teachers and researchers from different universities attended the event through Zoom and Facebook live stream.

Webinar on Mixed Methods Research Design: Data Analysis


Center for Language Studies (CLS), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized a second webinar on mixed-method research titled “Mixed Methods Research Design: Data Analysis” on September 10, 2020, in Zoom. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. M. Moninoor Roshid, associate professor of English Language Education in the Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka. Different types of data analysis techniques in qualitative and quantitative research were discussed in this session. The facilitator presented the position, concept and approaches to data analysis in detail.  This engaging and informative session involved both culturally relevant personal and social examples, from a participant’s personal experience to Banbeis’s report. The interactive question-answer session highlighted potential challenges related to data presentation strategies and ways to overcome it. The session ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Shaila Sultana, honourable advisor to CLS, ULAB. A large audience attended the workshop comprising faculty members and students from ULAB, and several other universities.

Webinar on Mixed Methods Research Design: Instrument Development


Center for Language Studies (CLS) organized a webinar on mixed-method research design, titled “Mixed Methods Research Design: Instrument Development” on August 27, 2020, in Zoom. Dr. M. Moninoor Roshid, associate professor of English Language Education in the Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka, facilitated the webinar. Dr. Rashid has completed his Ph.D in (Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at Monash University. Melbourne, Australia. He has several publications focusing on English as lingua franca, international business communication, material development, discourse analysis, graduate’s employment, and university-industry partnership published by Sense, Routledge, Springer, Multilingual Matters, and Cambridge Scholars. This webinar focused on different ways of gathering information for mixed-method research. The speaker explained the principles of constructing an effective questionnaire, observation checklist, interview question, FGD and test developing. Sample speaking test questions and rubric and assessment score sheets were shown, which can be used for evaluating learner performance. It provided the participants with guidelines for developing research tools by keeping the type of participants, background, goal and design. The question-answer session created valuable opportunities of not only making queries but also sharing experiences of the attendees. Educators, researchers and students from different disciplines participated in the workshop.

Shifting of Fall-2020 Class Start Dates

Congratulations on successfully finishing Summer trimester.  This has not been an easy time, but on the whole, with your continued support, we are facing the challenges atrophied by COVID-19 with the necessary resilience and flexibility. I am reaching out to thank you for your hard work and adaptability that has allowed us to embrace online teaching with considerable ease and efficiency.

We are preparing to welcome new and returning students this Fall term with the same enthusiasm and excitement as in any other trimester. We realize that due to the readjustments made to our academic calendar following the UGC instructions at the beginning of the Summer term, the term break has been shorter than usual causing some inconvenience to both faculty members and students. At the same time, the opening week of Fall coincides with Durga Puja, which will be observed by many ULABians.

In consideration of the above, we have decided to start the undergraduate classes of Fall trimester on October 27 and graduate classes on October 23 instead of the previously announced dates.

We assure you that this will not affect or delay the graduation of our students, and an updated academic calendar will be intimated soon.


Professor H M Jahirul Haque, PhD
Vice Chancellor