Seminar on "Current Trend and Career Prospects in HRM"

Seminar on "Current Trend and Career Prospects in HRM"

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ULAB Career Services Office organised a seminar titled ‘Current Trend and Career Prospects in HRM' on Tuesday, 12 April 2016. Mr. Mehboobur Rehman was the keynote speaker of the session, who is currently the Lead Executive Consultant of BankConsult and former Head of HR for several banks and conglomerates. Professor Imran Rahman, the honourable Vice Chancellor of ULAB was present in the session as the Chief Guest along with several other faculty members and house-full of students. The session was very effective in terms of giving the audience an insight about the current job market trend, student employability, career preparation and progression, dynamics of workplaces and current HR practices in our country.