Workshop on Sharpening Presentation Skills

Workshop on Sharpening Presentation Skills

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Event Introduction:
Raise your hands if you have attended the workshop on “Sharpening Presentation Skills”!! If you have not, then here is a flashback of what you missed. The event was a 2- hour 2-way interaction session conducted by Ms Porni Mazumder, Manager- HR, Marks and Spencer Bangladesh, a well-known personality in the corporate world alongside a lady with equal grace and expertise and was organized ULAB Career Service Office.

The session started with an icebreaking session where some exercise activities were given to the students present. The participants to deliver such positive vibes and attention during a session.

Key Vision of the Speaker:
Before even moving towards the PowerPoint, she said that the key to successful presentation is “Confidence” and “Practice”. High five because we all share the same stage fright, but Ms. Porni said it is the nervous energy that we need to convert into positive energy and nail the presentation.

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2 hours of Learning:
The two hours’ session was mixed with physical activities and knowledge sharing from our guest. She gave us the 12 Golden Rules to give a killer presentation. The session was so informative and educative that it was a great take away for the participants. Our guest instructor had a friendly approach and tried utmost to give a peer tutorship. The session also included the DO’s and DONT’s that should be considered while delivering your presentation. Events like this are very effective for the undergraduate students as presentation is an integral part for their career.

The Cheat Codes
Ratio-1      50:25:25                               Ratio-2    55:38:7

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Event Organizer:
ULAB Career Service Office
Event Date: 19 March, 2017.