Apprenticeship Day Fall 2020 was held by Media Studies and Journalism Department

Apprenticeship Day Fall 2020 was held by Media Studies and Journalism Department

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Saturday, December 19, 2020
Bachelor of Social Science, Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ)

The Fall 2020 Apprenticeship Day of the Department of Media Studies and Journalism was celebrated on 14 November 2020, Saturday. The event was held on zoom; an online platform, due to the closure of the university over the pandemic. It was hosted by ULAB’s public relations-based apprenticeship program, PR4U.

The program was graced with the inspiring and informative speech of the Head of the Department Dr. Jude William Genilo. Afterward, there was a question/ answer session for the freshmen to understand the importance of the apprenticeship program along with its learning opportunities and outcomes.

Dr. Jude Genilo addresses the significance of apprenticeship programs

In the following segment, there was a brief introduction of the seven apprenticeship programs of the MSJ department. Each apprenticeship program had an opportunity to introduce their team, work-flow, tasks, and other opportunities that they offer to students. The seven apprenticeship programs include ‘The ULABian’, ULAB’s very own newspaper; ‘Radio Campbuzz’, ULAB’s campus radio; ‘Cinemascope’; an apprenticeship program devoted to film making and analyzing; ‘ULAB TV’, the first campus-based television in Bangladesh; ‘PR4U’, ULAB’s public relations-rooted apprenticeship program; ‘ULAB Animation Studio’, an animation related apprenticeship program and finally, ‘Shutterbugs’ an apprenticeship for learning photography.

Presentation on the MSJ, ULAB Apprenticeship Programs

Then, the names of the winners of the “Apprenticeship Awards for Summer 2020 Semester” were announced.

Announcements of the Apprenticeship Award Winners of Summer 2020

The program ended with a musical performance by the students of ULAB.