2nd Forum with Prof. Syed Manzoorul Islam: DEH Curriculum Integration Spring 2021

2nd Forum with Prof. Syed Manzoorul Islam: DEH Curriculum Integration Spring 2021

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 21, 2021

Renowned postcolonial critic and eminent academic, Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam said, “A similar colonial attitude persists in all countries of the Indian subcontinent. But we are supposed to be a little different, and we should not allow our paths to be driven by the same colonialist energy that we have seen operating from 1947 to 1971.” Professor Islam was speaking at the Second Forum of the Department of English and Humanities Curriculum Integration Program for Spring 2021 held on March 21, 2021. (Program video link: https://www.facebook.com/ULABian/videos/467325848025504)

The theme of the Spring 2021 semester’s Curriculum Integration is “Fifty Years of Bangladesh’s Independence: Language, Literature and Culture.” The chosen theme honors the fifty years of Bangladesh’s independence. After a formal introduction by Professor Shamsad Mortuza, Pro Vice-Chancellor, ULAB, and Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam discussed the theme with references to postcolonial literary works, and why the emergence of Bangladesh is a unique phenomenon. In his talk, Prof. Islam explained that the difference between Bangladesh and the rest of the subcontinent lies in the fact that this nation has fought a war for independence from the colonial powers – twice. He insisted that the people of this country should start decolonizing the practices of public and private life if the impacts of colonization are to be overcome. Behavior must be critiqued for how and why individuals follow a certain pattern in their attitude towards others.

In her opening remarks, the Head of the Department, Arifa Ghani Rahman, explained the rationale behind the department’s Curriculum Integration Program. Students find ways of connecting their course materials to a significant and relevant overarching global theme through projects and presentations. Two forums with experts are held to help the students in this process of connection.

The Spring 2021 Curriculum Integration was organized by the CI Committee led by Dr. Mahmud Hasan Khan, Associate Professor, DEH. Working with him were Nazah Farhat, Lecturer, and Tasmia Mayen, Lecturer, DEH.

The forum was hosted by Shahriyer Hossain Shetu, a student of the BA in English program at ULAB.