MSJ organizes Freshers’ Orientation Summer 2021

MSJ organizes Freshers’ Orientation Summer 2021

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Saturday, July 31, 2021
Bachelor of Social Science, Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ)

The Department of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) organized an orientation program for the newly enrolled students in the summer 2021 semester on July 3. The department arranged the event using the online video conferencing platform, Zoom, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the occasion, MSJ Department Head Professor Dr. Jude William Genilo congratulated new students.

“As I welcome you into the MSJ department, I would like to enter into an agreement. You are here investing your time, your money, your energy for your education,” he said.

“You are putting your trust in us to provide you with the foundation necessary in order to achieve future milestones, especially getting a job after graduation,” he added.

Head of Department Dr. Jude W. Genilo is giving his welcome speech to the freshers
“On our part, we are investing our time, effort, and expertise to bring out your best potential. Be reassured that you have entered a university fully equipped to rise to the challenges of the online arrangement. And you need to realize that we are invested in each other,” Dr. Jude said.

MSJ Department Assistant Professor Dr. Sarkar Barbaq Qaurmal conducted an interactive introduction session. Faculty members, instructors of different apprenticeship programs, and Brian Shoesmith Media Lab, and administrative officers were introduced.

Interactive Session with the Freshers

MSJ Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Senior Lecturer Nandita Tabassum Khan talked about where and how the new students can avail themselves of various academic supports. She also conducted a session on the introduction of the department’s history, vision, and mission.

Freshers were introduced to the history and milestones of the MSJ department

Meanwhile, MSJ Department Senior Lecturer Muhammad Aminuzzaman talked about the importance of the portfolio creation of the students.

ULAB General Education Development Program (GED) Senior Lecturer Selima Quader Chowdhury introduced the GED to the new students.

Later, a video screening session was held showcasing some of the excellent works of some of the current students.