DEH Workshop on Job Search and Networking

DEH Workshop on Job Search and Networking

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh organized a workshop on “Job Search and Networking” on December 23, 2021. This is part of a series of workshops designed especially for the department students to aid them in their pursuit of a career or higher studies. The speaker of this workshop was the Head of the Department of English and Humanities and Associate Professor, Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman.

The workshop aimed to prepare the students of DEH of ULAB for the job field and to acquaint them with the necessary skills required to tackle the challenges in the job industry. Ms. Rahman entered the workshop five minutes late on purpose to provide a lesson on the importance of punctuality. In any professional relationship, there is a mutual agreement and respect between the employer and the employee, and punctuality is key to maintaining this relationship.

Students were introduced to the skills necessary to enter the job market. Each skill was explained so that students could prepare themselves. They were also advised to hone their skills and enrich their portfolios by working in smaller organizations to gain experience.

Ms. Rahman stated that individuals should be open-minded about opportunities and avail those that come their way. She focused on keeping CVs updated, listing skills in the CV in order of competency, and she recommended subscribing to job alerts on professional job sites like LinkedIn and BD Jobs. Accurate and error-free CVs and cover letters are key. Students were also advised to conduct a market research to know the salary range for a job and not to sell themselves short.

The workshop ended with a round of questions and answers.

The workshop can be viewed here.

Report by Nabila Faiza Islam (201013115)