1st Runner Up and 75000 BDT Prize Money Received at National Hackathon by a EEE Student and His Team

1st Runner Up and 75000 BDT Prize Money Received at National Hackathon by a EEE Student and His Team

Publish Date: 
Monday, January 3, 2022

We are delighted to announce that one of the bright EEE Students, Asadul Jaman Sakib, with his teammates has secured the 1st runner-up position in the hackathon organized by CTO Forum Bangladesh (CTOFB) and He along with his team members has received 75,000 taka prize money as a reward for their hard work, innovation and dedication.

The objective of organizing the ‘Hackathon’ was to drive nationwide inclusive efforts to connect the technology talents all over the country through motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and active engagement. This would enable and empower the young and enthusiastic technology talents of the country to have exposure to the best of the breed of innovative and emerging technologies.

The Hackathon was conducted on a limited number of challenges considering available time and range of participation.
Challenge -1: Virtual Assistant
Challenge -2: Automation of Manual Processes
Challenge -3: Any Server-less Emerging and Innovative Technology
Challenge -4: Zero Hunger

Project Details:
They worked with "challenge-4 Zero hunger".
1. Their app's objective is to solve SDG's 2nd goal of zero hunger.
2. Another objective is to decrease food wastage in Bangladesh.
3. The most crucial objective is to decrease the rate of hungry people
4. Their app can motivate people to donate more to do more social work 

They have implemented all the main features in the app, such as,  a person can donate food, clothes, and also money using our app. A person can take that donated food or clothes and distribute them among the beggars. Their app will also motivate people to donate more and do more volunteering work. To motivate people they will keep records of all the users about their activities and the top donator or angels (angels are those who take the donated food from other users and distribute it to the beggars) will be credited in our Facebook page and our app every month.