DEH Holds Curriculum Integration Program Spring 2022

DEH Holds Curriculum Integration Program Spring 2022

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

On May 19, 2022, the Department of English and Humanities at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) held the final presentation day for the 6th Curriculum Integration (CI) program for Spring 2022. Every semester, students are assigned a theme for the CI program and, through their different courses, they create projects integrating the theme with their course content. The theme for Spring 2022 was “The Many Faces of Conflict.” The theme encompassed both internal and external conflicts, with potential for conflict resolution. The projects are judged by instructors of non-participating courses and the winning teams are awarded with a cash prize.

The event commenced with a brief speech from Professor Shamsad Mortuza, Pro Vice-Chancellor, ULAB, and Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, and Professor Kaiser Haq, Professor at DEH. This was followed by an exhibition of five live performances, fifteen video presentations and two poster presentations from eight different courses.

At the end of the exhibition, the judges mutually decided on the top three projects. The winning group presented a recorded video skit called “Dialect: A Battle of Prestige,” where they presented the conflict between socially approved dialects and naturally produced dialects through comedy, interviews, and real examples. Members of the winning group were Isra Tahiya Islam, Rafia Benta Yousuf Ritu, Mayesha Islam and Rishta Islam from ENG208/ENG 2201 (Section 1): Sociolinguistics.

The first runner-up team opted for a hybrid presentation with a video and live performance. They addressed conflicts arising from the right to love and the cultural pressure to be in a heteronormative relationship. The presentation was titled “Some Imagist Conflicts: Reading into Amy Lowell’s ‘A Decade’”. The group consisted of Amreeta Lethe Chowdhury, Faria Karim, Nahian Noor Anjum, Quazi Farhina Hassan, Tanzila Nawshin and Syeda Faria Purba from ENG 327 (Section 2): Modern Poetry.

The second runner-up team presented a dark tragedy through a video presentation called “The Lotus Door,” inspired by William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” which narrated the journey of a serial kidnapper from her own perspective. The team members were Quazi Farhina Hassan, Nahian Noor Arjum, Syeda Ayesha Habiba, Tanzila Nawshin and Syeda Faria Purba from ENG 313 (Section 1): Modernism: Early 20th Century English Literature.

Winners from the Fall 2021 CI program, who worked with the theme “Of Sustainability and Development: Academia meets Practice,” were also awarded at the event. The winning group had showcased a video presentation titled “Turning Point,” which focused on discrimination, especially in the workplace. The group members were Farhan Labib Reza, Amina, Sahar Islam and Noshin Tasnim Hassan from ENG 225 (Section 1): Shakespeare.

The first runner-up group commented on the role and influences of language on gender inequality via a graphic presentation. The group’s members were Syeda Maliha Mahmud, Mehelika Anan, Md Razin Saleh Alam, Md Khalid Saifullah and Shanjida Nusrath Ali from ENG 208 (Section 1): Sociolinguistics.

The second runner-up group addressed the role of multilingualism in sustainable development using the format of a mock-talk show. The video was submitted by Md. Abdullah Al Maruf, Shrabony Rahman, Nusrat Chowdhury Sojja, Tanjila Fairoz, Afra Anjum and Tasfiyah Saba from ENG 208 (Section 2): Sociolinguistics. 

The event, attended by all the students and faculty members of the department, closed with the prize-giving ceremony.