About School

At USB, we really do practice what we teach. We teach our students that business is about helping others; about helping each person we meet to be, somehow, happier, healthier and more productive. We take pride in helping our students learn what they need to know in order to do useful work; in order to live productive lives; helping them to become happier individuals; to form happier, healthier, more productive families; to build wealthier communities; and to make the world a better, safer place to live.

At USB we give emphasis to the role of individuals and their responsibility to help other individuals solve problems; to make life safer and more comfortable for each other. We use “Our BUSINESS PROCESS MODELS” for this purpose. As a result, our USB students learn that we are only entitled to benefits (i.e., payments, salaries, profits, bonuses, rewards of all kinds) on the basis of the “value” that we add and are able to deliver to others.

We teach our students that the organizations we serve (and that serve us) exist for the sole purpose of helping us improve the quality of our lives. We believe and our students understand that every organization has a totally unique purpose; a Policy Objective we call it. These policy objectives are conceived by an organization’s passionately committed owners or sponsors and can only be implemented by other equally passionate and committed individuals. We teach our students the importance of passion in everything they do.

As a consequence of your time with us, you will learn that business is really not about profit. Rather, doing business is all about helping each other and about being helped. It’s about giving, getting and enjoying rewards according to the value we’ve been able to add at every stage of The Business Process.