Film Apprenticeship Programme


To contribute in community development by reading, analyzing and making films.

CinemaScope will be the leading student film organization in the South Asian region.


Cinemascope, Film Apprenticeship Program of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) is dedicated to inspire and train student who aim to obtain knowledge about creation and aesthetics of film production. This program involves a gradual process of learning. There are four dedicated teams inside Cinemascope –the screening team, the workshop team, the research and publication team, and the production team. These four teams allow members to articulate their skills in all sectors. Cinemascope, as a whole, is determined to produce groups of bright minds who would wholeheartedly work towards the betterment of Bangladesh’s film industry.


Advisor team

Mohammad Shazzad Hossain (Advisor)

Nandita Tabassum Khan (Advisor)

Md. Zahid Hasan (Instructor)



Semester 1: Candidate member

Semester 2: Screening team

Semester 3: Research and publication team

Semester 4: Workshop team

Semester 5: Production team

Semester 6: Production team

Note: Apprentice can continue in a particular team through the semesters if s/he has a focus or goal in particular sector.


Teaching and learning strategy

Semester 1: Submission of a short fictional film and production book

Semester 2: Point achieve by arranging two film reading sessions

Semester 3: Point achieve by write ups for CinePedia, contribution in CineSchool, show and tell, study circle and special events

Semester 4: Point achieve by arranging workshop, master class and seminar

Semester 5: Point achieve by contributing in film production and photo & video documentation

Semester 6: Point achieve by contributing in film production and photo & video documentation