CinemaScope Film Apprenticeship Program



The ULAB Media Studies and Journalism Department carries out an extra-curricular program for the ones who are enthusiastic about the creation and aesthetics of film production. The program is called the Film Apprenticeship Program, and is boldly known as “Cinemascope”. However, this is basically a platform for those who want to practice advanced elements of film production, other than just shooting and bringing out a final product.

With the aim of watching, reading, analyzing, and making films, a group of students join the ULAB Film Apprentice Program – Cinemascope. Apart from productions there are three dedicated teams inside Cinemascope – the production team, the combined screening and the workshop team, and the publication team. Cinemascope solely stands for studying films.


Film Screenings and Meet the Filmmakers: As studying Cinema is one of the main objectives of Cinemascope, we organize several film screening events where we study films sitting together using an open discussion platform with film enthusiasts.

CinePedia Magazine: Each term the students of Cinemascope put together their own magazine supplement to the ULABian student newspaper.

Student Productions: So far some bold productions of Cinemascope has been the promotional film of ULAB, the documentary on the library of ULAB, and “18 Hours in 180 Seconds” which is a time-lapse documentary on the transportation system of Dhaka, that has won the first prize in the STAR UIU Documentary Festival 2013. Recently, Md. Zahid Hasan (MSJ Department), won the Tareque Masud Young Filmmaker’s Award 2014 on December 13, 2014. His film was titled “A Book Behind the Shoes” and was a unique film told at ground level. Md. Zahid Hasan is also the CEO of ULAB’s Apprenticeship program CinemaScope.


Mohammad Shazzad Hossain
Senior Lecturer
Media Studies and Journalism Department