The ULABian Student Newspaper

The ULABian (a student mouthpiece) is a campus newspaper written in both Bangla and English, with the mission to create young journalists for the media industries. Although it is an apprentice program within the Media Studies and Journalism Department, students from other departments can join and gain valuable experience. Committed to publishing every term, The ULABian is a great opportunity for students to get hands-on experience of how a newspaper works.

Chief Advisor:
Dr. Jude William R. Genilo
Head, Media Studies and Journalism Department

Advisory Editor, Bangla Edition:
Bikash Chandra Bhowmick

Advisory Editor, English Edition:
Mahbubul Haque Osmani


Current Issue: 2021

Bengali slide (3.9 MB)

ULABian (Bangla) Cover

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ULABian (English) Cover

Combined (7.9 MB)


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