In Pursuit of Quality in Higher Education Challenges Ahead

In Pursuit of Quality in Higher Education: Challenges Ahead

22 and 23th August 2019

Recently, there has been much discussion about the quality of education and, more specically, higher education. To portray the quality of the contemporary status of the nation’s higher education, discussants in different segments of the society and academia are found to mostly reference international rankings were Bangladeshi universities stand almost nowhere.

On the another hand, this discussion branches out as it is argued that universities are failing to produce knowledgeable and skilled professionals both for the national and global market. Questions have been raised about whether it is that dicult to develop skilled human resources as employees from overseas are gradually occupying the jobs. Apart from supporting the market needs, it is also frequently asked whether our university graduates are gaining moral, ethical values along with citizenship education essential for their individual and national wellbeing.

In such a context, this conference aims to ask questions relevant to the quality debate and also create spaces for discussions that highlight the mainstream and alternative solutions. The mission of this conference is to establish a platform that not only taps the familiar quality discourses but also uncovers alternative understandings that were previously subjugated.

The conference welcomes participation from individuals who are involved in teaching, researching in higher education institutions, policy making, working in industries which employ tertiary level graduates, or simply interested to know more about higher education quality.

This conference includes multiple knowledge sharing techniques. Apart from traditional paper presentations, there will be panel discussion sessions and seminars.

Vincent Chang, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor
Brac University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professor Chang has more than a decade of experience in international higher education and over 20 years in the US industry, with proven records in building new capabilities, new businesses, a new graduate school and a new university. His expertise is in defining strategies, translating them into high-impact actions and new opportunities, and executing them to yield desired results. He is considered a visionary leader and inspirational communicator for developing strategic alliances and joint ventures.
Gerardo Blanco, Ed.D.
Department of
Educational Leadership,
Neag School of Education
University of Connecticut

Gerardo Blanco is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education & Student Aairs at the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education. His research explores the intersections of quality, branding and position taking in a context of global competition in higher education. Gerardo is an internationally engaged scholar and his research and teaching span across four continents. He has been visiting faculty at Shaanxi Normal University (Xi’an, China), visiting expert at the International Center for Higher Education Research at the University of Kassel (Germany).

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Local participants/ presenters: BDT 1500

Local students: BDT 1000

International participants/ presenters: USD 150

International students: USD 100

Guests: BDT 500/ Day