MComn Course Catalogue

Course Title: Introduction to Communication for Development

Course Code: MSJ 5101

Course Description

This course introduces students to the field of Communication for Development (C4D). C4D is an evidence-based process that utilizes a mix of communication tools, channels and approaches to facilitate participation and engagement with children, families, communities, networks for positive social and behavior change in both development and humanitarian contexts. The course offers a balanced understanding of critical aspects of development and links with communication from Bangladesh and Global South perspectives. It draws on learnings and concepts from the social, behavioral and communication sciences. Students learn the key concepts and approaches in C4D and best practices in planning, implementing and evaluating participatory and evidence-based C4D interventions.

Course Title: Ethics in Media and Communication

Course Code: MSJ 5102

Course Description

This course equips the students with ethical and moral principles surrounding media and communication professions in Bangladesh. Students develop an understanding and appreciation of these issues and the ability to analyze the important ethical issues involved with the media and communication industry in Bangladesh as well as in the world. Also, students are introduced to the rudiments of research ethics in this course.

Course Title: Technical Writing

Course Code: MSJ 5103

Course Description

This course equips students with practical, academic and technical writing skills such as essay, research reports, project plans/proposals, project reports etc. The students develop skills in presentation of specialized information in an accessible way to a variety of different audiences who expect clarity, accuracy, critical analysis and professionalism. As such, the course stresses the key skills that highlight a successful professional technical communicator; specifically, the focus on the process of writing (including the planning, drafting, and revising stages).

Course Title: Data and Statistics for Social Sciences

Course Code: MSJ 5104


The course introduces students with the basic principles and techniques, for example descriptive and inferential statistical techniques, used in social science research. Students become familiar with different techniques related to organization, analysis and visualization of research data, and communicating research results using texts and visuals. They also develop the ability of translating statistical data into meaningful text. The course mainly focuses on using statistical techniques for data analysis using computer – for example MS Excel, not the mathematical procedure and theories involved in it.

Course Title: Communication Research

Course Code: MSJ 5111

Course Description

This is a core and thesis integrated course under the Masters in Communication core study concentrations. It introduces the students to the rigors of communication and media research – discussing topic selection, literature review, research procedures, elements and approaches. Moreover, the course illustrates research applications in print media, electronic media, film, popular culture, ICTs, public relations, advertising and media effects. Along with, this course helps students writing the introduction of their thesis that comprises background, research questions and significance of the research they are pursuing.

Course Title: Strategic Communication

Course Code: MSJ 5212

Course Description

The aim of Strategic Communication is to provide you as executive level managers with the necessary skills to adopt a strategic approach to the planning and control of the communication to different stakeholders of your organization, with the aim of developing a sustainable competitive advantage. The course combines both theoretical knowledge of fundamental theories, concepts, and applications of strategic communication and an overview of practices in communication management: research design, planning, implementation and evaluation. Students investigate issues that challenge contemporary organizations by analyzing case studies, conducting research, and designing possible solutions.

Course Title: Communication Theories

Course Code: MSJ 5221

Course Description

The course is about understanding the roles and functions of theory in studying communication. It discusses the early theories of communication as well as the current theories. Under this course, students will learn how to appreciate, search and write review of related studies/literature.

Moreover, the students will learn how to develop a study framework and operational definitions. This course is designed to make students capable of writing chapter 2 of their thesis.

Course Title: Knowledge Creation and Management

Course Code: MSJ 5223

Course Description

The course focuses on the ways of gathering, organizing, refining, and disseminating knowledge. Students will learn the types of knowledge and realize the significance of knowledge management and organizational learning given the rise of knowledge driven economies. Students are expected to investigate how knowledge is created and managed.

Course Title: Research Methodology

Course Code: MSJ 5231

Course Description

The course examines the logic behind the quantitative and qualitative methods researchers use in solving research problems. This course helps students to learn and devise appropriate methods and strategies for their research projects those they have already conceptualized in previous semesters.

Course Title: Project Management

Course Code: MSJ 5232

Course Description

This course provides a systematic and thorough introduction to all aspects of project management, in particular in development and corporate sectors. The course also discusses the technical, cultural, and communicative skills necessary to successfully manage projects from start to finish. Concepts will be discussed with real-life case studies covering a wide variety of project types needed in industries or organisations. The students are expected to produce a project analysis report by the end of the course.

Course Title: Thesis Proposal Preparation

Course Code: MSJ 6111

Course Description

This course is designed to integrate the knowledge and skills learned from previous research courses: Communication Research (chapter 1), Communication Theories (chapter 2) and Research Methodology (chapter 3). Students are expected to put together a research proposal on the basis of chapters they have written in previous semesters. They will present their proposal before a panel of scholars and/or professionals, and upon their successful defense of their proposals, appropriate supervisors are assigned to guide them in their research processes.

Course Title: Organizing Communities: Advocacy, Activism and Social Justice

Course Code: MSJ 6215

Course Description

The course introduces students to the methods and perspectives of activism, advocacy and community mobilization. Cultural sustainability is often a matter of social justice and self-determination. The course provides students with an opportunity to explore in depth the philosophy and theory behind advocacy and community mobilization. By the end of this course, students are expected to produce communication materials for advocacy and/or mobilization on contemporary social issues in the country.

Course Title: Communication Policy Making and Planning

Course Code: MSJ 6121

Course Description

This course is designed to make students capable of writing a communication policy brief. They will learn about the key ingredients of an effective policy brief: evidence, policy context, and engagement. Students will learn how to design persuasive messages and understand why a policy brief works as an effective communication tool. In order to earn enough proficiency in policy matters, students need to understand it at three different but interconnected phases. Phase one would provide students with an ample theoretical discussion about policy issues from a research context. Phase two would enable them to learn and critique the formulation of several important media policies of Bangladesh. In phase three, students will learn to write a policy brief for a designated audience on a given topic.

Course Title: Crisis Communication

Course Code: MSJ 6125

Course Description

This course focuses on key elements of crisis and issues management – before, during and after. Students learn from real life examples regarding different stages of crisis management and communication, particularly identifying, preventing, and managing crisis situations. Emphasis is given on practical application of crisis communications theories to enable students formulate communication strategies and tools.

Course Title: Social Media Management

Course Code: MSJ 6126

Course Description

This course offers a framework to unlock the features of social media and its rise, addressing some crucial threads such as the change in communication strategy, audience attitude and access to information concerning consumers and brands. It enhances students’ knowledge of the gamut of social media, enabling them to understand advocacy and mobilization, marketing and branding through social media from a communication strategist’s standpoint.

Course Title: Thesis Writing/Production Project 1, 2, 3

Course Code: MSJ 6231, MSJ 6232, MSJ 6233

Course Description

These courses include a systematic investigation of a defined research questions and results in a piece of original research presented by the means of thesis and production project. The thesis/production will be presented before a panel of scholars and/or professionals.

Course Title: Professional Development 1, 2, 3

Course Code: MSJ 6234, MSJ 6235, MSJ 6236

Course Description

These courses prepare students for future professional career in at least three communication fields through practical experiences. Students are required to produce implementable communication projects according to the need of the organization they work for. Outputs of the courses include (but not limited to) documentary, policy paper, SBCC campaign, strategy paper etc.


M. Communication Thesis Manual
M. Communication Handbook of Professional Development Courses

Course Title: Comprehensive Exam on Communication Issues, Communication Skills and Communication Theories

Course Code: MSJ 6237, MSJ 6238, MSJ 6239

Course Description

These courses focus on assessing learning of the students in different aspects and fields of communication, namely, communication Issues, Communication Skills and Communication Theories.