EEE 1301

Course Code: EEE 1301
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Electronic Devices and Circuits I
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Introduction to semiconductors: intrinsic, p-type and n-type. PN junction: formation, and operating principles. PN junction diode: current-voltage characteristics, simplified models, dynamic resistance and capacitance. Zener diode: current-voltage characteristics and its applications. Diode circuits: Half-wave and full wave rectifiers with filter capacitors, Clippers and clampers, Zener shunt regulator. Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect-Transistor (MOSFET): structure, physical operation, current- voltage characteristics and regions of operations, small signal equivalent circuit models; Secondary effects: body effect, channel length modulation, Early effect and short channel effects; MOS amplifiers- biasing discrete and integrated MOS amplifier circuits, Single stage amplifier circuits, their configurations and DC analysis; AC analysis of single stage MOS amplifiers- Voltage and current gain, input and output resistances. MOSFET as active loads, MOSFET as a switch. Bipolar junction transistor (BJT): Basic structure. physical operation, BJT characteristics and regions of operation, DC analysis, biasing the BJT for discrete circuits, small signal equivalent circuit models, AC analysis of Single stage BJT amplifier circuits and their configurations.